Friday, July 28, 2006

Fooled Me Twice... July to August Meteors WatchOnce bitten, twice... duped!

Yep, that is right.

Too much enthusiasm, very harmful...

I am talking about getting all, so excited even though I know there was something familiar about the email on planet Mars being closest to earth this August. This August 2006!

With excitement, I forwarded the email to both Wify and my son, "Time to take out our telescope to assemble it, because we are going to witness 2 moons this August!"

Great! Taken-in again.

It was about the same email I received last year and about the same time from the same person, I believe.

No, no, the person is nice and I know meant no real intention to dupe anyone, he merely forwarded the email he received to all his friends.... again.

No, I hold no grudges. I think he was duped himself again too.

I had to be sure, so today I surfed through tons of NASA and Space.Com related sites about Mars and sure enough, Planet Mars was closest to earth on 27 August... 2003!

The same date I saw when I checked the website last year and about the same time. What a sucker I was!

I never can forgive myself then, and still cannot believe that I had actually missed the most phenomenal occurrence in space, that we could actually see Planet Mars up close. So close that it was as if we had a second moon. PLanet Mars Closest To Earth in August 2003!
I am still wondering how in 2003, I could missed such astronomical news of this event, oblivious to the ads, the big news that must have been circulating at the time prior to the phenomenon.

Mental note: Once bitten, twice already been duped, 3rd time August next year I will be a confirmed dufus to be taken-in again.

Sigh... I must be getting old, but oh, I so want to see it in this lifetime...

Hey, but you know what?

Every year this time... from today 28 July to 19 August, we can look forward to witness Perseid Meteors and chances are, we will be seeing twice as many shooting stars in predawn hours than any other time of the day.

Anyone gazing a the clear night sky will likely to spot a shooting star, even for a short length of time. Read on from Space.Com

There is after all, something beautiful to look out for in the heavens.

May the force be with you!

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