Saturday, July 22, 2006

Itching For Money

ULEAD's DVD Movie Factory 5
Every race, culture would have some old superstitions about things that will happen in the near future, indicative from things or situation that is happening now.

Like my very superstitious Chinese friends, in fear of bad things befalling unto them, Malays have tons of superstitions too from the old days, that are still somehow passed down from generation to generation.

I believe some superstitions from the old generation are meant for you to be good, but what is bad about it is that it makes a bogeyman out of anything imaginable.

It thus restricts and hampers the process to explore things, be curious about things to find out more and thinking out of the box, especially for impressionable children. It retards their thinking and character growth from its possible full potential.

I do not like it and am against it.

Starhub Digital Cable TVThese kinds of superstitions revolve around the "scaring tactics," meant to control people from misbehaving - children from leaving the house so that parents can keep their eyes on them, teenagers with raging hormones from doing stuff outside that will shame the family name...

And maybe from granny or mother-in-laws to their sons' housewives to stay home all the times so as to avoid misunderstandings that could churn out gossips amongst the villagers, especially of extra-marital affairs or worst, adultery... not sure about the husbands though, but I am pretty sure there are scary superstitions to not stray.

Of course I am speaking from my lack of knowledge about my own old-time Malay culture. Living in cosmopolitan Singapore, there a few chances of learning or practising the old traditions in depth.

Anyway, these are what I think they are meant for... prevention.

Unfortunately, somehow they are more destructive and than from their initial... maybe good intentions. Humans.

Fortunately, these superstitions are totally not allowed in Islam. It is The Almighty who decides, not bogeyman, monsters and demons.

Having said that, not many people, me included, are superstition-free. I would like to think I am, but somehow the repeated coincidences of things happening cannot escape my curious mind to question could it be true.

The Singapore Dollar Windfall
You know... one time, my Mom was scratching her left palm, she casually remarked that money was coming her way as she questioned why the itch came and went that particular day.

"What?" I asked curiously. "What do you mean money coming in when you have your left palm itching?"

Mom smiled and answered "yes, left hand money comes in, right hand money goes out... that was what old folks said..." she paused, "old superstition, that's all."

From that day onwards, I tend to be a little sensitive to my itching palm to "verify" if this could be true. Of course I do not believe it, I should not, but it is just interesting to find out this myth.

Firstly, when my palm is itching, I would look out for any dry skin, dirty palm... anything clinical that could cause the itch. None? Alright step two.

depending on which palm, left or right, I will look out for a few days of something monetary that may be lost or gained.

Just like yesterday, I had an itchy left palm at work. I scratched it and checked for skin problems, I just commented to my friend of the superstition and that money was coming in for me jokingly.

AIA Insurance SingaporeToday, when I opened some letters I got from the mailbox, I received not one, but several good... no, great gains.

For the insurance I took from AIA, I got a check for S$1,500 as cash-back for no-claim bonus.

Another home-insurance from another home protection insurance ACE, had already banked-in S$133.90 into my account as bonus.

I was pleasantly surprised.

AIA Insurance SingaporeEcstatic to receive something unexpected because I had no idea these "gains" were coming in at all. I may have forgotten about it when I first took-up the plans, but I had no clue of the returns date. Coincidence, may be.

As if that was not enough for me, Starhub Cable Vision sent a note to inform that they will be adding on 3 more HBO channels for free on top of the present HBO movie channel I subscribed.

They are reducing the charge for Cinemax monthly by $4.20 from August 2006 onwards. Awesome!

Thought everything was all great, until I opened a letter from CR Media. I have started subscribing from it PC Magazine from last PC Show 2006. I have won a ULEAD Movie Factory 5 software in a lucky draw I took... sceptically.

Never really won anything from a lucky draw before. Always the first time.

Never really itching for money, but what a good premonition to know money is actually coming in when your left palm itches. Of course after you checked that the itch is not medically related.

Nonetheless, I am thankful for the gains I received to The Almighty, regardless of superstitions... call it coincidental, call it physiological, call it anything, I am just ecstatic for these great gifts... made possible from Above.

Mental Note: Try not to have the right palm itching...

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