Sunday, July 23, 2006

Cooking Your Brains?

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I received an interesting, well... rather disturbing one from a colleague last week.

Thought I post it here for my own reminder.

It is about 2 Russian journalists, who did an experiment on radio waves emitting from cell phones that can actually cook an egg.

They placed a raw egg in between 2 cell phones.

Call from one cell phone to the other and left it in talking mode for over 2 hours.

The place the radio in front of the phone to simulate or trick the phone to stay in talking mode.

The egg was reported to become warm after 15 minutes, very warm after 1 hour.

Pipping hot after over an hour and finally cooked on the 65th minute.

Imaging that is your brain receiving radiation off of the cell phone when you talk for hours on end.

Wander what will happen in the long run. Of course you do not talk to yourself with 2 phones, one on each ear for 2 hours.

You should have been committed anyway before you actually try talking to yourself like that.

Then again, the debate is still on, depending on which party has the most interest at stake.

For now, cell phones are so very convenient to have on and use, but the side effects are still unknown as far as I am concern.

Cooked & Ready to EatThe best bet now is to use it with Bluetooth earpiece, where you do not have to place the phone anywhere near your brain.

Then again, you would not want to leave it in your trouser pocket when you talk for hours either, you would not want to fry your "family jewels"... as the email stated.

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