Saturday, July 15, 2006

Mom's 6th Physiotherapy

TTSH Dad Helping Mom Exercising
This weekend is going to be quite a ride for me.

Ride, I mean, I will be travelling here and there, helping out as much as I can accomplish within these two days. There goes my workout at the gym Sunday afternoon, it seems.

This morning was a dozy for me to start of my list of chores to do.

I had to take Mom for her 6th physio session at TTSH. The appointment was set at 8:30am, but I woke up at 7:30am instead of meeting my parents at the usual place for the pick-up.

TTSH Mom Doing 1Kg Resistance ExercisesCalled them immediately and they were late waking-up too. We had to shift the pick-up time to 8:00am instead.

I had the shortest bath time and lightning-fast dress-up time, I would have been proud off myself, just to leave home as early to catch a cab and pick my folks up at 8:00am in Woodlands.

Sure enough, getting a cab was a breeze since the fare hike. The traffic condition was ideal and I reached the pick-up point in about than 15 minutes, then off to Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

The total cab fare was $$28.90, a jump of about S$4.00 extra from our usual fare. Something that I cannot help to avoid commuting by means of a cab, with Mom and her wheelchair.

We were 10 minutes late for the appointment, but there were still not many patients.

Mom still experienced cramps at her right pelvic region, though lesser in frequency, but still occurring.

The attending Physiotherapist Ms Fong Lin, was concern that Mom was not recovering as fast as she had hoped, so Mom had to undergo some additional form of exercises to strengthen her pelvic region with weights and resistance now.

TTSH Mom Doing Resistance ExercisesWith rubber band strips for resistance and doing pelvic thrusts using a big ball, she had to exercise a bit more strenuously now.

Though is was taking her time to complete, this time she actually perspired much.

She had to go through the traction today in a prone instead of the usual supine position.

This nice and friendly attending nurse was worried as some patients have experience breathlessness and nausea in the prone position.

She was concern with setting-up the traction in this position for Mom, she had to confirm the written traction slip with the Physiotherapist was correct.

It was the right instruction, Ms Fong Lin had to try a different method on Mom.

The prone position was quite awkward and at times painful for Mom, but she persevered, all for the sake of recovery. She wants to get better badly.

She wants to be free of this condition and go touring along with me and my family like before.

She is motivated. I can see that in her. I am happy and proud of her.

TTSH Mom Undergoing Traction in Prone PositionThe last routine is the warm compression for 10 minutes as she sat in her wheelchair. Today's bill amounted to S$14.90 after an 80% government subsidy.

And like routine, we ended the session with an early lunch. Today I had Thai Fried Rice set while Mom and Dad both had their favourite Yong Tau Foo with noodles.

It was nice to catch up on things they do and some relatives that had come by to see them and how they were doing. Some serious topics too, but just too private to write down.

My folks had a surprise for Azi when I sent them home. This time, they had a set of 4 beautiful Soup Bowls they already bought from Shing Siong supermarket in Woodlands, for us to use.

The bowls were too "pretty" to use, but better as decorative pieces in the kitchen instead as Wify puts it.

Before, that I stopped by my Sis' place at Woodlands Avenue 4. She requested that I stopped by to give some Chocolate-chip cookies and Eclairs she baked for us.

Woodlands Avenue 4I had to take Service 911... "not with "E" you know, as it terminates at the Bus Interchange before you actually reach there" as Dad's stressed when I asked him for directions.

Oh great, my favourite Bendy-Bus! Just like the kid in me still, I like to ride on it very much.

She loves to bake cakes and cookies and have been taking orders to cater for special occasions like engagements, weddings and festive seasons.

Very talented baker, this lovable Sis of mine. Closest sibling to me.

We chatted a little at her home, with her two cats purring and busy at my legs trying to get attention from their guest.

It rained heavily as my service 168 from Woodlands left the bus interchange. The ride home was quiet and cosy. Always looking forward to this ride home.

Like always, the humming of the bus as it traveled on the SLE and TPE highways was just therapeutic to me. I am allowed to get lost in my thoughts for the length of the journey.

Looking out the window while my MP3 player played my favourite songs. Some lyrics hit home as I take the ride home. Has been quite a pleasant day as it turned out for me so far.

Life is good.

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