Friday, November 30, 2007

Gift From Us

As promised with his good PSLE results, our Son now owns his first notebook.

He proudly owns a Packard Bell EasyNote MX36-U-044 notebook, a starter machine for what will be an essential tool for his studies in the secondary school and his passion of computer programming.

We are fortunate that the SITEX 2007 PC show is timely and that prices of electronic gadgets are slashed and bundled with upgrades and free gifts, the stuff you normally will not get outside such exhibitions.

For a 15.4 Inch screen, Intel Core Duo 1.73GHz T2080 with 2GB memory and 120GB harddrive, multilayer DVD burner, and installed with Windows Vista Home Premium. The extra dedicated number-pad keyboard and built-in web-cam and microphone are welcomed features.

All that for under S$1,000.00 at S$998.00 net! A good starter kit.

Having a website registered to his name where he is able to freely create and control his web pages and forums from the hosting server, the WiFi-enabled notebook lets him connects and administers his website remotely... another of his dreams come true.

Guess he will be away for the vacation with us, but not entirely away from his computer because he is lugging it with him tomorrow when we leave for Cameron and Genting Highlands for our 8-day away-from-everything relaxation.

It is going to be fun. I need this break...

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