Monday, June 11, 2007

3 Clicks Flicks...

Since the demise of video tapes and VCRs in the early 1990s from most people's homes and lives in Asia, I have stopped renting home movies altogether even when it was replaced with VCDs.

My last owned VHS is our wedding video but with no VCR to play it with. It will probably remain in the TV console drawer till kingdom come... or at least until the reel of tapes stick together and it is time to throw it away.

Yeah, I have been meaning to send it to the photo shop to have it transferred to VCD... nope! DVD... that will survive until the industry discards this format again or maybe until Blu-ray format becomes the next standard. Anyway... let me get to the present.

I have started renting home movies again and am even happier now with the many choices of movies the my whole family can watch without resorting to some illegal means.

With the subscription of cable TV for years, I now have added to the many movie titles I want... well, maybe not the really latest, but mostly the many movies and TV shows that I or any member of my family has not gotten a chance to watch yet.

3-DVDs at any one time is the plan I subscribed online for, for about S$36.00 monthly.

I have to queue 50 titles that I like, number 1 being my first choice if the DVD is available to me, else the next in line will be sent instead in about a day's time.

Once we are done with any or all of the DVDs, we just have to put them in each of the self-addressed envelopes given and drop them into the post box. Fortunately there is one post box less than a block away from my home that makes returning the DVDs less of a chore.

I will then get a replacement of the next available queued DVDs in a couple of days. The replacements are unlimited as long as I return it. Furthermore, there is no late return because there is no rental expiry period. Cool!

My first 3 DVDs I picked are:

Space Traveler animation is especially for my Son as he has been talking about it months ago but I was not going to waste money watching cartoons. Animated stories like Shrek maybe, but not cartoons.

Anyway, Son said the movie was a disappointment after he played it on his PC.

Fantastic 4 for my Son. We would need to watch this first movie to at least not be lost when we do watch the new Fantastic 4: Rise Of The Silver Surfer when it hits the cinemas here.

Would not want to repeat it like Pirates Of The Caribbeans: At World's End where I was totally nauseated not by the sea storms, but by the storyline... simply because I did not watch the second movie... I think.

Well... it is actually for me because Jessica Alba is in it. My dear friend Wandi, I really get it now... but unlike you, there is nothing trivial about this.

Charlotte's Web for Wifey and all of us. Heartwarming story that miracles do happen. The ugliest of being can be the most beautiful one of all.

Dakota Fanning was not as terrific as she was in I Am Sam or War Of The World, but I am her fan nonetheless. Julia Roberts died at the end which sucked even though she was a creepy-crawly... and I would still be like that horse in the movie.

Hmm... I get the feeling Wifey is going to choose some Hindi and Korean movies too these fine days... I would rather watch cartoons than playing-hard-to-get love stories.

Now to post them back and catch-up on the movies that we have missed so far...


  1. I have been wanting to see Charlotte's Web- thanks for the recommendation.
    That book has a special place in my heart- it was the first "chapter book" my son read, and when he came to the end, he was so sad about Charolette's death he cried.
    We have a little gravestone in the backyard to commemorate her death.

  2. Bollywood movies are awesome! Do let me know if you need any suggestions :)


  3. It's great that all the family enjoy watching movies in your home.

    I have always loved watching films and over the last few months have been sending Richie my favourite dvd's through the post. The problem is, he can't view them on his dvd player because our shop bought dvd's are different formatyo U.S. ones and I won't go there because techy things start me off with a migraine...ha.

    Last week he told me about one of
    his favourite films called ''Phenomenon'' with John Travolta so I rented it on video as it wasn't available on dvd. Well, I sobbed my heart out...eeww. All I could hear was my daughter Becky 11 calling ''you O.K. Mum?''

    I have only just recovered.

    Hope you have hours of fun with your click flicks.

    P.S. Don't forget to go to work though between.


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