Thursday, June 07, 2007

I'm Missing You

Since Wifey and Son left for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia last Friday, I was at a loss.

Outing with my parents on Sunday was great. My second eldest sister and her family decided to join us and met us at VivoCity... Daiso to be exact; Mom's favourite shopping store at present.

The weekend went by as fast as it came. Then came Monday and the days became so, dragging long suddenly. Each day felt like the time stopped once I got home from work.

Thanks to HamsterVille residents, they kept me occupied once I had my dinner and find myself flipping channels non-stop.

My Sisters called to chat, so did Mom... knowing I was alone at home, they were nice enough to check on me and spend some time catching-up on the goings-on. I appreciate them thinking of me though I could not help but wonder whether I am that open a book.

All the house chores like making the bed, feeding the hammies, watering the plants and doing laundry myself still make me feel totally bored this whole week!

I am actually looking forward to go to work than being at home. I have been feeling so lonely without them. Sleeping alone sucks... weird kind-of-feeling even. I have no mood to blog even.

I miss chatting with Wifey... seeing her sitting at the sofa and eating snacks together while watching TV. I miss getting those constant updates from our Son on his new discoveries or something interesting that he had read-up somewhere or created... Sigh.

I miss them as soon as Wifey called me over the phone telling me that she was at Woodlands Checkpoint, crossing-over the border into Johor last Friday.

I know that I cannot live my life alone... a part of me seems missing when either of them is not around. I love them dearly... I know I am getting sappy... backbone-less even; but I simply miss them that much!

Calling them sometimes, exchanging text messages, but nothing beats them being at home, being with me here. I am beginning to look forward to their return tomorrow.

I smiled to myself while at work, I smiled on journeys home in the bus; happy... just thinking of them coming back home.

That is until Wifey messaged me a few minutes ago telling me that her Sister's car is now at the workshop and they cannot tell when they will return home until tomorrow... but tomorrow is Friday!

Man, the saying "being apart makes the heart grows fonder" cannot be that much truer than this for me. I am so weak without my family.

I guess, I have to live another day or two without them. Sigh... but I will survive.

It will be interesting to hear all the things they did with Wan and places they visited in KL... over a dinner outing with me this weekend.

Have a safe journey home.


  1. Oh my gosh, how lovely! It's sad and beautiful at the same time that you miss Wifey. Still it won't be long, perhaps she's back now, i hope so.

    Happy homecoming to you all.....

  2. I hope they arrive home a little sooner than expected.

  3. It's always hard to be without loved ones. I remember when my children were very young and I said they could spend time with grandma and granpa. It was for 3 weeks. I talked myself into being okay without them. After all I had loads of things to do while they were away. After the first day I was so sad and moped around the house for the whole time they were gone. I did not get any thing done that I had planned. I know absents makes the heart grow fonder, but let's not push it. It hurts too much. Here's hoping wifey and son return real soon.


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