Thursday, August 10, 2006

Team Italy Intriguing!

NDP 2006 Team Italy Fireworks Display
It was my first time taking photos of fireworks with my Panasonic Lumiz DMC-FZ10 digital camera.

The result was not at all satisfying for me, and I know the camera can do much better. I just need to know how exactly, and get opportunities to practice on it.

I think taking fireworks is the next toughest thing after taking flying insects and animals in the wild. They are never still and can never anticipate their next move.

It is already tough taking pictures in the dark at night, it is even more tricky with fireworks. Anticipating when it the fireworks will burst into brilliant sparkles for that precise moment to snap.

NDP 2006 Team Italy Fireworks Display
After taking several times, I begin to appreciate how tough it really is to take good pictures. Fireworks especially.

Everyone who thronged Marina Bay had a fair chance to snap their masterpieces, but the true-blue photographer captures incredible moments, almost unbelievable photos.

Definitely one needs a lot of interest in photography to drive ones passion to having lots of practices and sharpen one's techniques.

Having the correct "tools" definitely is a plus point, but getting to know and optimized one's camera's capabilities definitely is a must.

As for me, I guess I do not really want it bad enough to improve.

NDP 2006 Team Italy Fireworks Display
Instead, like any "touristy" shutter-bug person that I am, I will leave the skills to the camera's features to do the job... though having a high-speed SD Card will definitely help - the split-second timing required to snap another picture immediately after the previous picture is saved into the memory card.

What I have been babbling all this while is because I received an email from a friend that has photos... I mean real pro-looking photos of the first, from a series of fireworks displays from around the world in the Singapore Fireworks Festival 2006.

These are from Team Italy that was held on 5th August 2006.

Photos taken from a person named Willie Yeo. I do not know who he is, but his work is just awesome!

So perfect in my eyes that I become sceptical as to whether these photos had gone through very intense touch-ups. No messy clouds of smoke to blurry the brilliance of the sparkles.

Perfect timing with all the fireworks and streaks in symmetry. Flawless! Unbelievable...

NDP 2006 Team Italy Fireworks Display
Yes, It is true. It is my jealousy that's talking.

Anyway, do not mind me... great job Willie Yeo! Very motivating to aspiring photography buffs.

I am happy though, that I get to collect Team Italy's work that I missed watching. And from the photos, I now know where the best spot to take fireworks at Marina Bay is.

That is... only if I am willing to stake-out the place 1 or 2 hours earlier before anyone concurs the spot first.

Maybe I can have a family picnic at that spot and the fireworks as a finale to our family outing. Sounds like a good idea...

NDP 2006 Team Italy Fireworks Display

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