Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Live From Home

Tampines Avenue 5 Junction View from Multistorey Carpark
The National Day Parade 2006 fireworks display was able to be viewed right from our home! How cool was that!

This year's national celebration was held at the Kallang National Stadium for the last time before the stadium is torn down to make way for the new Sports Hub.

Since we did not get to win free tickets to view the parade live, we watched it on TV like all previous years... but with a little difference this year.

NDP 2006 Fireworks Display at 12x Zoom
We get to watch the fireworks right from our 5th multi-storey car park.

The parade was telecast live starting at 6:00pm and when the finale was about to begin coming to 8:00pm, we set off to the car park roof top and set our camera on a tripod there.

Surrounded by the clusters of flats, we could see children as well as adults "perched their heads" on their kitchen and bedroom windows awaiting for the fireworks to start.

NDP 2006 Fireworks Display at 12x Zoom
The rousing sing-along of this year's My Island Home song resonated off the buildings as the children with all their might sang it while their eyes peeled to the direction of the National Stadium.

We could not see the stadium itself, the bright light shining out towards the night sky gave a very good indication of where the stadium was.

I pointed my camera toward that direction with my trigger finger ready. All set with A/S/M mode selected, Exposure with ISO 200 and 12X zoom done.

On cue, when the children from the blocks finished singing the song, the fireworks began. It was thrilling to see it live, not on TV, but on the rooftop this year.

NDP 2006 Fireworks Display at 12x Zoom
It was the same response, just like yesterday's Marina Bay fireworks display by Team Singapore... the Wows! and the Woohoos! The cheers and the claps. My son was no exception. All so wonderful.

I get to capture the fireworks from miles away, not as spectacular as being their, but beautiful sparkles in the skies nonetheless.

We intended to go to Marina Square shopping centre, but dreaded the traffic there that will be at its worst when it going home time.

Thanks to a cab driver I happened to talk to, who told me that his family could see and have been watching live fireworks right from their 13th storey balcony in Pasir Ris. Wow!

NDP 2006 Fireworks Display at 12x Zoom
That gave me an idea to watch is live on the car park 2 blocks away from our flat.

Too bad Wify was at her shop tonight. With some snacks and drinks, it would have been a family affair on the roof top.

Anyway, Happy National Day, Singapore!

NDP 2006 Fireworks Display at 12x Zoom

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