Thursday, August 03, 2006

A Nose Job

Disgust Over Nose Hair?
This is something stupid that should not get bothered with...

I have a working colleague who is a nice person... quite a reserved character, but sometimes gives out deep and insightful comments on the working conditions here and even what the world has become.

So far, so good. I do not really know about the rest of the "tea-break" group, but it sort of bothers me to look at him and put out a straight face while talking or listening to him with his nose hair jutting out of both nostrils.

Not a piece of nose hair, accidentally overlooked when one grooms in the morning before going to work, but a whole chunk of long and thick black hair that you cannot deny spotting it a mile away!

I can understand if you keep a moustache and beard starting from the nostril, down to the beard.

One would look either wise like a professor, then again some people may look like accidentally look gangterish... if there is a word for it... but the bunch of them?! No!

I cannot help it but my eyes will trail down to his "well-hung" nose hair and subconsciously trying to spot any "golden retrievers." Yucks!

Disgust Over Nose Hair?
I should not care whatever he chooses to, or not to do about his "facial hair", definitely none of my business... but for him to join us only during meal times, really freaks me out.

Imagine trying to eat your food while talking to him... trying very hard not to look at his face but listening and nodding intently... with my mind shouting "Yucks! Yucks! Think happy thoughts!" and munch and swallow.

Strangely, no one in the group has ever talked about it before.

Maybe they have no qualms about it at all, maybe I am being overly sensitive about someone's personal choice... or maybe no one really knows how to bring subject up for fear of being too... errr... gossipy? Totally uncool!

It bothered me then and it still bothers me now. Does it not bother anyone else but me...?

I just do not want to see him when he has runny nose.... No! No! Think happy thoughts!

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