Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Saving Gaia's Fun!

It has been a long time since I felt like child again.

Never thought saving Gaia can be this much fun!

Wife and I have been busy creating and making handicraft works out of discarded everyday household items for Sonny's Dunman Secondary School. That is why my posts have been slow.

For the second year, his school is hosting the Environment & Life Science Exhibition for the Primary and Secondary schools in the east zone. The event will be held on 23rd August 2008 at the newly built hall.

While students from the various schools compete among themselves in the Life Science competition, the DSP or Dedicated Support Parents are busy putting up on our own Saving & Caring For The Environment Exhibition to complement the event especially the visiting students and their parents on the day.

We are hoping that the message to Reduce, Reuse & Recycle will be imprinted in everyone's mind after the event. It will, however little, be helpful to save our environment and our earth.

Wifey was all alive during the DSP meetings on Saturdays with her ideas. It got me excited to help her as well. Her ideas were all excepted by the group and they have started to collect used and discarded items for the craft work materials.

So far, Wifey has made cute man and woman dolls. Their heads were made from empty egg shells while their bodies from Vitagen plastic bottles. Dashing couple, Mr and Mrs Eggdar.

I made a gold fish using the egg shell, but nothing as close to elaborate as Wifey's dolls.

She also made a hanging Japanese Carp.... circles cut-out from colourful old magazine pages and pasted on a cut-out paper fish to resemble scales.

The two animals proved popular among the Chinese parents in the group as they regard these fishes as good luck charms. They volunteer to make a few more for the exhibition and a few for their homes.

Wifey made totem poles and sunflowers from paper towel tubes... and beautiful cut-out butterflies hung with strings on straws ends, cascading and twirling when the wind blows. I kind of like it and offered to help her make another one for our home. Kind of therapeutic, in fact.

Her next creation will be a jewellery box and paper note covers to be made from carton boxes, while I offered to do picture frames.

All those wonderful creations will need some form of instructions on how to make them. I offered to make simple-to-understand instructions together with photos that will be printed on a piece of paper and backed with cardboard to hang at the exhibition.

Each creation is either hung from or placed next its instructions for the visitors to see.

There will be demonstrations on how to make them at the event, so the parents and with the help of the students are gathering enough materials for the visitors to try their hands at making them there.

This is going to be an exciting time to experience, since this is the first time we will be attending such an event.

Through the course of creating and making the handicrafts, I have been feeling happy and a sense of child-like accomplishment... however weird my creations came out to be when finished.

The feeling somehow spurs the eagerness to create another and another. I may have skewed from the actual message myself, but this project is pure creative Gaia fun!


  1. ummm... is it just me who am totally confused - have no idea what Gaia is. whooops:S

  2. I don't know what Gaia is either, so I'm curious too. It sounds like you are having a great time preparing for the environment fair, and tapping a new vein of creativity and resourcefulness!

  3. You know they say when people are doing creative artistic things it's more of the left side of their brain and brings great joy and fun and a great sense of fullfillment and peace..like we felt when children. I feel that when doing my drawings..it reduces my stress level and I go "within" and feel in my element.

    I'm glad you enjoyed those feelings so much. Sounds like you would enjoy doing some more for sure! Your wife sounds very creative and artistic!

    I'm very much into the environment..for many years now as my health problem has issues with using chemicals and such. So I feel I've been doing my part for many many years now. I use non toxic things like Bon-ami and hydrogen peroxide to clean with..people would be amazed how well the non toxic solutions work just as well or sometimes better than those nasty chemicals our children have to always deal with around the house..it's not good for them or anyone..Go Green! Yeah



  4. Oop! Correction it's the "Right side of the brain" that is the creative imaginative side..sorry about the "boo boo"..;o)

  5. Hello Everyone.

    Thank you for coming.

    Crashy | We're trying to do our bit to save the environment. Gaia is Greek for mother earth... a term that is catching-up here as well.

    Beyond that, I am still unsure too... but I think Saving Gaia and Reducing Your Carbon Footprint are about the same effort to save our planet.

    Mompoet | Yes. We are in charge of handicraft works from used materials for the fair which is the most fun part of it, I think.

    We are trying little by little to Go Green. This fair is a step for our children to be aware and hopefully practice some good habits to save the environment too since they are going to inherit the planet.

    Rhiannon | Yes. I agree with you. Doing creative work is therapeutic and I love it... despite how the end product of my handy-work might turn out.

    It is also tough to avoid using chemicals in our daily lives and somehow unknowingly consume it too, since we are open to the some of the manufacturers' "secret" ingredients in the food they produce and sell.

    Have a good Green weekend, all.

  6. Good to see that you continue to enjoy yourself with family and going gaia green at the same time. Cheers!

  7. Well, sounds like you have been busy...good for you and wifey too.
    It would be nice if we could have some pics of wifey's creations.
    We love craft in our house...craft addicts here.Ha.

  8. Great efforts all, may I say I have a company that is doing it's part on saving gaia and also giing me a decent income. I am happy I have done my part in the fight to save Gaia.

    cheers all


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