Friday, August 29, 2008

RSAF Open Skies?

Today is Friday. I am alive again.

I am bracing myself to have a last-ditch family outing before the Ramadhan month starts on 1st September. Taking into account the unusual rainy days we have been having for the past two weeks or so, I am hoping that we can enjoy ourselves outdoors this weekend.

Tomorrow, the Republic of Singapore Air Force or RSAF is having their open house. Lots of aircraft to see and touch... a ride in the helicopter and the first time ever, a hot air balloon ride too.

It will be my first time to step into the place since they converted it into an air force base from a commercial airport after Changi International Airport was built to replace it.

It will be a relentless queuing extravaganza for the hot air ride definitely, as it will be the first time something like this gets the go ahead in space-constraint-high-rise Singapore.

Wifey sounded excited to go when I told her our weekend plan, but is always subject to the weather. It will be not much of an outdoor event if it is in the pouring and often thunderous rain.

Not to be negative, but from the looks of things, chances are 30-70 in the favour of the wet weather.

Still, there is shopping for Hari Raya celebration clothes and curtains for the home... at least one family member will be happy regardless of the weather... Wifey.


  1. omg that sounds like an absolute blast -- I love planes... and helicopters? wow! I've never been in a hot air balloon, but I'll bet that's even better because you can look all around

  2. I've always enjoyed air shows.

    I love the way you mention "wifey" with such love and respect.

  3. Hello Both,

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving me messages.

    Uisce | I am so glad you dropped by. It has been a long time since we blog-surfed each others' sites.

    I must add you to my link before I loose you again. Though I don't drink, I like your wit and things you have to say. Bartender, I'll have the regular, please.

    Donna | Air shows are great. Being able to go into the restricted area is an intrigue in itself. Being able to get into even a grounded fighter aircraft is a bonus.

    The draw this time is the hot air balloon, but a very slim chance to be able to get a ride in one... a history made since it is the first in Singapore skies.

    Wifey is my significant other. I respect and love her... though I don't say that often. I always remind myself not to take her for granted, so she will love me more.

    Have a great weekend!


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