Saturday, August 23, 2008

Eco-Fun Time!

It finally came down to a wonderful day as expected today.

All those weekday nights spent man-handling a pair of scissors cutting card-board boxes until the knuckles got so sore.

All those weekends spent indoors cutting and creating more handicraft works against my innate sense to be outdoors and near to nature.

Nonetheless, it was a fun time spent with Wifey doing creative work together... brainstorming on the project to do the panel work decorations. We came up with the earth with "Saving Gaia" message under it.

Our Globe & Saving Gaia Main Panel Deco

The globe was made from carton box pasted with colored magazine pages crunched to make land. Saving Gaia was made from old newspaper rolled-up with a wire inside before being crunched, twisted and shaped to become letters. Wifey did a nice job painting it with poster color.

For activities, we came up with so many handicrafts limited only by our imagination and time we had in the evenings. We chose many that were easy to make and complete under 10 to 15 minutes.

Wifey's Caterpillar & Sunflowers

Wife did wonderful sunflowers and rain-makers among other things, while I added the final touches of cardboard frames with computer printouts of instructions on how to make them.

Wifey's Japanese Carp & Rain Maker

We catered to the young students and visitors while the other parents catered to the adults with paper basket and newspaper weaving... something that needed a longer time and lots of patience.

All our efforts together came together into one large panel display, combining with the other parents' eco-friendly message boards to be, in my opinion... yes, bias as it may sound, the best decorated booth in the event.

DSP Panel Group setting up with Principle in black blouse

I took an hour off work on Friday to help Wifey make the last few vines from cut-out magazine pages and pieces of knotted strings before we left for the school with all our props and decorations made entirely from used and recycled materials.

The decoration was set-up under two hours the night before the event, with only a few touch-ups here and there on the morning of the event that officially started at 8:00AM.

Wifey attending to young "crafters"

With more handicraft works from the other parents on Saturday itself, the panel looked beautiful... thought too many hands actually spoiled the panel... different than what I had envisioned it to be. But, it was to be a group effort... more coordination and planning for it would have made it even better.

Anyway, no one can deny the spirit the DSP group has and the zest everyone showed today.

Little Boy with his caterpillar & Girl with her scarecrow

Our booth was so popular with the young and old students... and teachers from other schools too stayed for long periods learning and making craft works.

Egg-painting was the most popular with the students. We had other schools' students stuck to our booth before they actually visited their own... their teachers came to our booth to tell us that!

We attracted lots of visitors throughout the event and still more came to make their own handicraft work even after the event was officially over at 1:00PM.

Wifey & Partner with Egg-People "crafters"

We received lots of compliments from many teachers from other schools. The most satisfying to me were the ones coming from our DSP-assigned teacher and Sonny's own school principle.

Throughout the event and towards the end, both Wifey and I, and I am sure the rest of the parents too, did not feel tired. It was just fun to be there and be apart of it.

It was heartwarming to see the children and students being proud of their craft works that they could take home with them. Each of them got a gift for completing making their craft. They also got the gift of ideas on how fun it is to turn unwanted items into masterpieces during the process.

Our slogan "From Trash To Treasure" really came true for many today.

Saving Gaia is really that much fun. Everyone should do it.


  1. That's so great! Such a wonderful idea to make treasure from trash. Love it! You really are a blessed family.

  2. What a creative group!

    I have a question for you, which I would send in email, but I don't seem to find an email addy for you. Feel free to answer in this comment section or in mine, or email to

    I assume all the ladies and girls in the pictures are Muslim. Why don't all of them have the head covering like your wife does?

    I hope this question isn't offensive; I'm simply curious, and wanting to learn more about people from other walks of life.

  3. Hello Both,

    Thanks for stopping by.

    DeeJay | Like Rhiannon said, in a nutshell, doing creative work is therapeutic. I truly agree with her.

    We loved every time a handicraft gets completed. We were proud to see the props came up and worked well. The compliments from others were bonuses for us.

    Donna | I think it is wonderful that you wish to know more about the life people lead here. I am more than honoured to tell you whatever I know and live by.

    In equatorial Singapore, this island has mainly 3 Asian races - the Malay... native race to this island formerly part of Malaysia, the Chinese... the majority race of 60%, and the Indians of 15%.

    There are other races too like the Eurasian, etc. but are small clusters together.

    Malays are 99.9% Muslims, while Indians are mainly Hindus and mixtures of Muslims and Christians.

    The Chinese are mainly Buddhists and Taoists... but the younger generations are converting to Christianity and atheisms.

    So in summary, the pictures you see are mixtures of the Asian races with only Wifey and I are Malay/Muslims.

    Muslim women are required to put on headscarf and non-revealing clothings in public when they reach puberty.

    Still, it is up to each individual lady to decide whether or not to follow the Muslim modest way of dressing. Ultimately, it is between them and The Almighty... as the saying goes.

    But for majority of Muslim women here, they eventually start dressing the Muslim way when they reach their early 20s or getting married.

    Only her husband, her immediate family/siblings and other women can see her without the headscarf.

    Hope this nutshell of an info helps you to understand better our way of life here.

    Thanks again DeeJay & Donna. Have a wonderful week ahead.

  4. Thanks SO much, Muhd! I appreciate your answers.

  5. How wonderful for all of you and the school and children to do all of this "go green"!..Wish the U.S. did more of this in their classrooms..sad to say we are getting behind other countries..what a shame.

    You all did a wonderful job! time for you to have get out more in nature and ride your bike. Go for it!



  6. Seems like you guyz had a lot of fun.. and afor good reason too! Kudos.

    btw, did u make the lil' butterfly you are showing of in the first pic? awesom! ;)

  7. Congratulations on a very successful display. I think it was truly a labour of love for you and your wife and son - love for each other and for Gaia!

  8. Hello All,

    Thanks for coming and leaving your messages here.

    Donna | Always my pleasure.

    Rhiannon | I wish to be as committed as you are to the environment, though we have different way of life but our hearts are at the right place.

    I was happy the event turned out well. Unfortunately, it seems to rain almost everyday. No different than the last weekend.

    I was house-bound as the rained poured in fact, heavily non-stop on the weekends. Guess the monsoon season comes early this year.

    Crashy | It was well worth it.

    Yes. I did make lots of those simple flapping butterflies with pieces of cut-out papers from magazines and sticking each to a piece of "bendy" straw for the kids who came to our booth.

    Wifey did a great job on colouring the wings with markers and crayons.

    MomPoet | I wrote a lengthily post about our project and the message we wanted to put across.

    You summarized it perfectly in one sentence! "Love for each other and love for Gaia." Exactly. Right on the money!

    Thanks again everyone. Have a great weekend!!!

  9. What great fun and this event helps save our planet too! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Hello STST,

    Thanks for stopping by. It was more fun than anything else... from making all those handicrafts to being apart of the event. It was all worth it.

    Have a good weekend!


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