Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Between Two Messages

"Mak Kak Imah in critical condition."

I received a short message on my iPhone on my way to work Monday morning.

I was not as surprised as I was saddened that Wifey and I had not gone to visit her at the hospital sooner than we planned. We made a decision to see her after work that same night, but was just too late.

We did however, visit her at her home a month before when we heard she was not feeling well. I provided a family doctor contact that does house-calls since she refused to go to the hospital.

That doctor was the one who called the ambulance when her condition became serious.

She vomited what little food or drink she took. She lost so much weight and dehydrated that she was sent to CGH where it was finally discovered that a section of her intestine had shrunk and its inner walls fused together to block even water through.

My Sis-in-law's Mom passed away at about three in the afternoon. My Sis delivered the sad message. Her operation to remove part of her large intestine went well, but turned for the worst. She was too weak to recover. Her heart was too weak that made the operation a 50-50% chance of pulling through. She was 76.

That night, we went to her home instead to see her one last time. I kissed her cold cheek and still have tears in my eyes whenever I recall seeing her face the last time.

She has a special memory in me... her kindness and quaint hospitality towards me. She treated me like I was her own son. Something I could not figure out why. It just was nice to receive it.

She would ask what food I like to eat before we visit because she wanted to prepare it for us. She took the trouble to be a good host every time.

She would hold my hand for a little while longer when I salam or shake and kiss her hand as would a Muslim son to his elders, as we speak to greet each other whenever we me and parted.

She was a wonderful lady. I keep her in my prayers. I am happy my elder brother was blessed to have her as his mother-in-law. She is gone now to a better place.

"My wife has given birth to a baby boy. 4.2 kg"

An SMS I received while in the office the next morning.

"CONGRATULATIONS Proud Dad and Mom!" was my reply to my friend's message. A special message he sent only to his boss and me. He wanted to keep it on the low for some personal reasons.

That made me feel special somehow. I did not know I had that effect on him as a new close friend.

That also got me thinking...

Life is so dynamic... it seems to move at lightning speed when we are preoccupied. Too fast that we would miss important things we set out to do.

Planning is good, but putting it off for tomorrow what we can do today is really bad.

I learnt that and am but regretted I did it... or not done it. I missed an important moment in my life. She is always in my prayers.

May The Almighty bless her soul...


  1. Never take anything for granted or do anything you might regret. Life is fragile and can end any second.

    Life is a gift, treat it that way.

    May thouhgts and prayers are with all of you bro.

    Inna lillahy wah inna ila'hey raji'on

  2. What a wonderful tribute to a good woman.

  3. I'm so glad that you did get to see her a bit before her was so good of you to help her and make sure she had a Dr. to come to her home. It sounded like she really loved you as she would a son..she knows your very special I'm sure..:o)



  4. When my Gran was alive she had two sayings that have always stayed with me...
    1.Make hay while the sun shines''...
    2. ''It won't always be dark at 7''...

    I have never forgotten these two sayings.

  5. Hello Everyone,

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving your warm messages.

    Crashy | That is so right. Not taking anything for granted is a very good way to appreciate life and the ones that you care.

    Donna | I guess it is somewhat a tribute to her since her passing affected me too. Thank you for making me realize that.

    Rhiannon | She is a special person to affect someone like me and most probably some others that I am not aware of.

    The world needs more people like her to spread her kindness to others.

    Ellen | These are indeed wise words. Things are ever changing as life goes on. We make the best of it as humanly possible.

    Thank you all again for your kind words.


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