Saturday, August 09, 2008

Happy 43rd Singapore!

Today, the whole of Singapore celebrates our 43rd National Day.

Like a mother to me, you achieved your independence reluctantly from Malaysia a year before I was born. Suddenly you found yourself lost, but you found a wide frontier to explore.

Like all mothers in this land... such as mine too, you struggled to survive through poverty, you banded together as a people and you worked hard to get a better life for us all.

Standing on your own to feet, relying only upon your self determination to set the conditions right, you inspire confidence to the people of the world to come and came were the jobs and our livelihood. A good one.

From the fishing villages on mud flats, you have reinvented yourself to be a modern country and now a metropolis with the world as your business partner, at the young age of 43.

Thank you for your sacrifices for all your sons and daughters for we celebrate your independence with the spirit of one people, we will strive for you for another successful 43.

Happy Birthday Singapore!


  1. Happy birthday, Singapore! And thank you, Muhd, for teaching me about a place and way of life that I never knew about before.

  2. Yes...Happy 43rd to my ''birth place''...

  3. really? wicked. I assume a great celebration can be expected. :)

  4. Tell the city Happy B-day from C-dell
    having your own place is a very good feeling. I have my own apartment now and it is a good feeling of it being my things like going into my bathroom give me a good feeling. An apartment isn't the same as a Nation, but I understand that the feeling of your own country is very good. Patriotism must abound in your generation

  5. Hello All,

    Thanks for coming in.

    Donna | This island is just too small to get noticed, but it is a nice place to live in and we are thankful we live in comfort and peace.

    Ellen | The nation misses you. Come visit us sometime.

    I'm not sure if you have old pictures of the places here from your parents, but everything here has changed so much since then. It may be unrecognisable now.

    Crashy | The celebration was bigger this year, especially with the fireworks.

    I missed the photo-taking opportunities because I was stuck indoors with Wifey making handicrafts for our son's school exhibitions. Sigh...

    C-Del | Congratulations to you too!

    Having an apartment is the like having your own freedom. You are in control of your own stuff and have your privacy. It is actually liberating to have your own place.

    I can vouch for that same feeling when I got my own home with Wifey. Fantastic feeling.

    Have a great week everyone!


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