Sunday, August 17, 2008

Of All Days!

Between DSP meetings and handicraft works on Saturdays and attending weddings on Sundays, I was left with no time for myself.

These activities have been taking me away from my much loved bike rides cum nature watch for 4 consective weeks already.

If not for my daily gym workouts at home before I go to work, I practically stayed in doors most of time or stuffing myself on Nasi Beryani at weddings without breaking a sweat.

I longed for the breeze and sun felt on my skin when I ride my bike from one park to another.

I finally got the chance for my bike ride today and before the Ramadan month starts in September.

All set and geared to go in the afternoon... but then the skies opened up and let down the rain with loud thunder and lightning. It rained intemittently until it was going dark.

So the rain kept me at home again... watching Beowolf DVD movie and Ghost Hunters series with Wifey while binging on pineapple biscuits with hot red dates tea to drown my sarrows. Sigh.

Well, tomorrow is Monday... and I already got the blues for it starting when the rain came down this afternoon. Well, the plants and trees need their refreshments too. It will be even greener for nature walks after it rained.

Rain check? Maybe.

Hopefully sunny next weekend for my biking after the fair at Sonny's school.


  1. I know how you feel about having your time being taken away - me too for the last 2 weeks.
    School starts tomorrow here. I'm lying in bed now using my phone - I need to sleep, but I'm just not "with it" yet. I'll be dead tomorrow night!!
    I liked the comment you left on my blog - made me think... :)

  2. i saw Beowolf at the cinema with a friend who kept on roaring "I am Beowolf" in my ear non-stop... *sigh*

  3. Hi Imran. I have not checked in with you in a very long time. The only excuse I have is that I have been working way too crazy and not been on the computer much. Sorry about that. I am also sorry that you have not been able to go for your much loved bike ride. Weather is a thing we must submit to when dealing with out door activities, unfortunately. I hope you can go for that much needed and desired ride real soon.


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