Friday, August 22, 2008

iThink i'll Wait

Finally, iPhone is here in Singapore today. All in its 3G glory.... phone, 3rd party applications and internet, as far as I am concern.

Such a wonderful news, yet I am sad about it because only one local telephone operator is allowed to bring this much coveted, lifestyle cell phone to this island.

Sad, because mine is a smaller competitor, the underdog of telcos here... the rebel in me seem to go for the underdogs somehow. So I have to wait out for it for the time being.

Again sad because since there is only one operator, there is no competition. So all who desire to own one will have to submit to the pricey-plan it dictates that are to me, almost merciless!

Competition makes for a win-win situation, thus my support for the underdogs.

Yes. There is that light at the end of the tunnel... months from now. The other two telcos will be able to bring in this revolutionary phone here. Then is when the prices become creative, affordable and more humane.

I am happy that my telco will always lead the lower, as it always has been doing... more creative price plans that make the others try to match them with no other choice.

Well, congrats to the thousands who lined the Comcentre the day before the midnight release of iPhones 3G here and got to own one. It's a wonderful gadget... always changing, always evolving, always something new to keep you captivated to it.

They are going to love it!

The Wireless@SG makes the whole island virtually a hot spot for free internet, while Safari makes for the best web experience on a cell phone. The complementary party applications are phenomenal!

So, by December this year, Wifey will get my her iPhone as well... a wonderful thing to end 2008!

PS: I am not endorsing iPhone or its maker... I just love it!

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