Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Sunday's Simple Pleasures

Wifey with Whitey at Gallop Stable in Pasir Ris Beach Park

Wifey has been quite energetic lately... to my liking.

Since coming back from her follow-up medical check-up last tow weeks for her asthma condition, she has bounced back slowly, but surely to be her own adventurous self again.

After her spontaneous suggestion for an outing to Labrador Park last Saturday, she surprised me again when she wanted to join me for my Sunday biking.

"Yes! That's wonderful, dear!" Was my immediate answer to her.

And immediately too, I started thinking of a biking route that was easy and that I would follow her pace... she could take her time and turn back if she felt like it too. No problem. I was really happy to be able to go biking with her again.

Stopping at Nipah Lookout

"Can we take the cab to Pasir Ris Beach Park," was her request, "I want to see the ponies that you mentioned and the boardwalk too."

"I'd love to, my dear!"

I love nature and I love being and doing stuff together with her too. It promised to be a nice Sunday with  just the two of us. Unfortunately Sonny was having his Malay Language tuition class that afternoon.

Like always, we left after our 4:30PM afternoon prayer. Took a cab that was only S$4.80 to reach the park.

Sunday is like a joyous, carefree holiday of the week for the people there. In-line skates, cyclists, joggers, and soccer matches filled the park with joy and happy noises.

Ponies Feeding Area for children

We took our leisurely walk with ice cream cones in our hands until we reached Gallop Stables where Wifey finally got to see the ponies, especially Whitey. He was still there, at the same place where I met him once.

Yep! Donna from Just Me was right. Those ponies were in fact Arabian Horses as it stated in the information board. That lady really knows her horses.

We walked further and talked, and before we realized it, we reached the Pasir Ris Mangrove Boardwalk.

Stopping at Bakau Lookout

Once inside, the sound of the people outside was dampened by the lush mangrove trees. In its place, the sounds of birds chirping and rattling leaves when the wind blew.

The show that day was not as exciting as I had witnessed the last time I was there alone. Wifey did not get to see terrapins or monitor lizards, but just crabs and mud skippers.

Wifey was quite disturbed by the sight of pieces of rubbish that got pulled-in by the tide and stuck in the mangrove roots, spoiling nature's beautiful foliage and habitat. I thought it was rather unfortunate too.

We spent some quiet time in there just listening to the sounds the birds and observing life in the mangrove. Just being together was a nice retreat for both of us.

Out from Mangrove Boardwalk to Garden Roof Walk

We spent hours there until it was too dark and nearing dinner time. Sonny joined us at Downtown East foodcourt directly after his tuition class ended.

The place was packed and the food we ordered came late. It was Youth Day the following day. School was closed on Monday, so most students were out enjoying the long weekend. We had to cancel our plan later to watch a movie.

I was on leave off work on Monday too, but to accompany Dad for his colonoscopy procedure at National Cancer Centre... which went really well.


  1. I'm so happy that your wife is doing better. Let's face it, we can't really be happy if those we love aren't healthy and happy.

    Tell her to take it slow and easy; we don't want her to be under the weather again.

  2. yes, she seems to be better and how wonderful that is. :)
    (the pictures are beautiful!)

  3. Hello Both,

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your messages.

    Donna | You are absolutely right. I did all the things I love but still there is that void there. It would be complete when Wifey were to be with me.

    Now shes is. I am happy for her and the times we can spend together outdoors as well.

    We are taking our time, at her own pace to enjoy God's gift outside our home.

    Andrew | She is more lively now like her usual self. She felt liberating to be able to do outdoor stuff together again.

    Doing the same stuff we both like together is totally a wonderful thing. I am blessed.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  4. Glad you both managed to have some quality time together and that wifey is feeling more like her old self again.


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