Thursday, July 31, 2008

Angie's An Angel

Yes, she is finally gone.

I cannot help but with watery eyes bit her farewell in my heart when Wifey told me about her death this morning.

"Ayah," Wifey paused, "it still is heart-breaking when they die." She started saying right before she gave me the sad news. Angie died.

It is so ironic!

Angie, Aged 3+, Died 31 Jul '08

I knew Angie, our feistiest hammie in all HamsterVille, was old, but she kept herself so active and responsive to our calls every time... with zest.

Even when we knew she could not see well any more with her clouded pupils, most probably from cataracts, if hamster do get them.

I have been feeding her 2 syringe-full of lukewarm water mixed with pure honey. Being old, she needed her energy to match her determination to live long. She loved it most, the other hammies only would drink up to three-quarter at most.

I checked on Angie last night. Wifey was telling that she was so exceptionally active during the day; running on her "treadmill" tirelessly while the rest of HamsterVille were asleep.

"Aren't you going to tire yourself, Angie." Was Wifey's last words to her.

We got to talking about her because as usual, she always manage to get our attention to her. I came to thinking that she should get more nutrition out of her food.

Rather than just feeding her with the usual dried fruits, seeds and fresh corns, like the vet suggested, feed the sick or old hamsters with bottled baby food using a syringe.

I think she would have loved the vegetables and the fruits flavors.. I was to stop by the grocery store after work today to buy her the baby food... but alas she had to leave us sooner than we expected.

Angie, oh Angie. We are already missing you, dear Angie.

We will always love you.


  1. I'm so glad you have shown me that a hamster is as important in the grand scheme of things as is a horse or a dog. I've never seen it this way. You've opened my eyes.

  2. Wow, you've sure had some rough days with pets recently! I hope things get better.

  3. Hello Both,

    Thank you for stopping by.

    Donna | When you spend a lot of time with these little creatures, you'd get to know them and their antics even more. Some are endearing that you never knew they possess.

    The more time spent, the more attached we are to them. Having a relatively short lifespan is heartbreaking when they die... just like any other pet.

    Andrew | Indeed. We started with 2 and exploded to 57. When the number decreased when gave many out for adoption, the ones that were left were even more dear to us.

    Being born in the same liter, they seem to die about the same age of 3 years old... which is sad to deal with for us all.

    I am not sure if we want to get new ones when the ones left are gone. They are gone too fast, too soon.

    Thanks again for coming over. Have a good weekend.


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