Monday, July 14, 2008

Back-packed And Ready

Since all 3 of us enjoyed our first guided tour of Seletar Camp Nature Walk last Saturday, we have signed-up for another free tour this coming weekend too.

An emailed sent by Wild Happening In Singapore recently offers several free tours organized by the various government and interest-activist groups.

There are so many different and similarly interesting guided tours available this weekend that I wished we could go to all of them, but can only manage to go to one.

We picked Nature & Heritage Trail organized by NUS' Toddycats group. The tour will last for 4 hours. Each hour on a specific topic and experience after a short break.

As the tour details stated, we will visit the National Biodiversity Museum showcasing Singapore's diverse flora and fauna... some had long gone with the encroachment of its habitat for human development, while others still hardy and survived despite the odds.

After a short break, another hour will be spent walking through Kent Ridge Park and visiting the Normanton Pond. There, behold of the living specimens the museum showcases.

Malay Regiment Sculpture at Reflections

We will then continue for another hour tracking through the Heritage Trail to learn about Singapore's past. Then onwards to visit the Reflections at Bukit Candu Museum, to witness and honor the Malay Regiment who fought a fierce fight during World War II to defend our island against the invading Japanese Imperial forces.

There are two sessions being conducted starting at 8:00am and 9:00am. We picked the second one that will end just about 1:00pm.

I was very happy to receive a successful email reply from the organizer the next day after registering on-line for a spot since there was limited number of 30 people per session.

Sport Connection Shop on 3rd Level Tampines Mall

To equip ourselves for the walk, since I am the official camping cum biking, cum nature walk equipment carrier, I got myself an ideal biking/hiking Karrimor Airspace K41 Cinder Haversack for S$90.00 bought at Sports Connection located on the 3rd storey of Tampines Mall.

My new black haversack props away from the back of my body to allow ventilation so I will not get too hot and sweat so much and with reduced friction straps against my skin for more comfort.

An attachment pouch for S$10.00 to keep my cell-phone to the haversack's shoulder strap sits ideally on my left chest that will allow me to hear when the phone rings, and provides easy reach for it too.

I also bought a convenient one-hand, flip-top cap water bottle that can be secured to the bag while on foot or strapped to the bike's water-bottle holder while riding at half-price of $11.00.

Now only to pack our camera, binoculars, insect repellent, water and snacks... topping off with our enthusiasm for the historical nature and heritage learning experience about our island this Saturday!

Like a child eager to learn, I get excited just by counting down the days!


  1. "My new black haversack props away from the back of my body to allow ventilation so I will not get too hot and sweat so much and with reduced friction straps against my skin for more comfort."

    hahah that is simply lovely bro. Good, you should spoil yourself, cuz ur worth it!

  2. what a great time -- great photos.
    (is the music new? I don't remember hearing music here. I like it. :)

  3. I like having the music playing when I clicked on your blog..good idea! I like the song too..


  4. Hello All,

    Thank you for stopping by.

    The music playing is embedded in the SLIDE post on 11th July that accompanies the photos I took with Wifey from our Mangrove Boardwalk outing.

    It is from a band called Plain White T's if I remember correctly. Introduced to me by Sonny. I like their brand of music after listening to several of their songs.

    SLIDE.COM should however play the music just once and have the reader an option to click to play it again so it does not become irritating after hearing it repeatedly.

    Then again, the song just suits the feeling I felt when I was there with Wifey.

    I wish I could take you guys there too, but at least the photos did bring our experience closer to you.

    I know. The haversack bit is a tat unnecessary, but I have been looking for an ideal one for some time now and finally got it.

    Wifey thinks S$90 is a splurge and I would never have made the transaction if she was there, shopping with me. Phew!

    I got my ideal haversack which can ride on my back the whole day without me being uncomfortable with it any more.

    That is how excited I am... not just for this coming trip, but a whole lot more rediscovering Singapore... before discovering other parts of the world.

  5. That is just what I want Imran. A new backpack and I really like yours!!!
    On my mountain hike last Sunday I loaned Denis' as mine has seen better days. I might just treat myself before my next adventure.
    It's just so nice to be ''out there''. Looking forward to reading all about it.

  6. All for free, eh. Hope you had a great time!

    Your Ol' blogpal,

  7. Looking forward to read about your trip. Hope it turned out well.


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