Monday, July 21, 2008

Betty And Scruffy

I received a call at the office today. It was Wifey baring sad news... again.

"Ayah, another one just died..." she paused...

"Angie, is it Angie?" I asked cutting her off before she could continue. I hate this type of news, but I know it was bound to happen at some point.

Angie had been the most feistiest of all hammies in her hay day, but still has a very strong will to live. Though she has shrunk in size, she is still agile and responding to our calls for treats. She is eating well, but her age is showing.

Scruffy, Aged 3+, Died 21 Jul '08

It turned out that our infamous scruffiest of all hamsters, thus Scruffy was the name, had died most probably at night.

"I called onto him, but he did not respond to get out from his sand bath to me." Wifey told her sad story, "I thought he was sleeping since he was lying on his side."

Like all hammies in what is left of HamsterVille... Scruffy would come to the front of the cage when his name was called for treats. He did his last the night before. Poor boy.

This happened only four days ago after Sonny had buried Betty.

Betty, Aged 3, Died 17 Jul '08

She died on Thursday last week.

It was a total shock because she was thought to be an expectant mother. Sonny believed that she was pregnant with her large stomach and lazy attitude. It could very well be an underlying illness that took her life away.

We could never have suspected it since Betty eat very well and always snatching the food away from her room mate Natie.

Betty was Sonny's favorite. Simply because she liked to be held and patted. She would stay still in our palm while being patted to sleep. She would wake and nibble on our palm or finger after realizing that we stopped patting her, telling us to start patting again.

She will stop her nibbling and go back napping once we patted her again. We would purposely stop patting just to witness her antics. She was an adorable and gentle girl.

Just like Scruffy, Wifey only realized that Betty was dead when she did not come to the food bowl while it was being topped-up and when being called repeatedly in the morning.

She was lying on her side behind her sand bath container. Her room mate Natie came out from behind the sand bath when he was called but kept going back to where Betty was as if trying to attack Wifey's attention to Betty.

Wifey was saddened by her discovery and called my cell phone quickly several times, but I was not aware when the phone rang. I called her back after realizing the miss calls to get the unpleasant news.

"Sonny will be very sad when he comes back from school today." She predicted.

True enough. That late afternoon, Sonny came back from school late and went straight to play with Betty after changing out of his school uniform.

"Where is Betty?" He asked Wifey while we both were at my gym room, "Was the cage door left opened when you feed them this morning?"

"What? Why?" Sonny asked when told of her death. We had no answer. Just like most deaths of our hammies before with no apparent reason, we think it must have been old age.

So Sonny buried Scruffy beside Betty under the palm tree that evening, but with a funny story to tell this time.

We Move On...

"A family of 4 came near me and asked what I was doing under the tree..." Sonny recalled telling us right after entering the front door.

"I told them that I was checking on the ants colony..." which started the mother sharing with him about hers daughter's past ant farm school project.

Tonight, Sonny did not touch his PC at all. Instead, he sad together with us watching TV until his bedtime. I guess he wanted company and not be alone. I noticed he watched TV quietly, mind wondering at times. We deal with our loss in our own way.

From the peak of 57 hammies in HamsterVille at one time, we are left with only 5 today and lots of fond memories after... beautiful and sad ones too.

Like the hammies before them, we love Betty and Scruffy just as much. We know that they both are in a better place now.

Farewell our loving pets...


  1. I didn't realize hamsters interacted with people like that!

  2. So very many loss's with your little friends...I'm so sorry..but think of the wonderful time on earth you all gave them..your love, your warmth, your nurturing. You son has and will probably continue to learn how precious every little life is by having all these little family friends in his life and home.

    I'm nurturing a cat now while house sitting. He got in a horrific cat fight (right after these people left for Africa) almost lost his life and his eye..and I"ve been having to take care of it all..rush to vet, surgery, cleaning his wound 4 times a day..keeping an outdoor cat "Indoors" all these weeks..a deep infection almost traveled to his brain. He has never been a friendly cat at all..took me a lot of time to get him to trust me..but guess what? he he..he is now a sweeite! He's on my lap now as I type this. He liked all the love and attention I gave him and wow will his family be surprised when they get back today to see what a different kind of cat he is now..sweet and loving. He's going to be all better but it sure was scary for while. I have a lot to tell them about what happened. I'm glad he pullled we are bonded for life..along with my own cat.

    I love all animals they are so special with that unconditional love deal..especially when they know you have taken good care of them and given them all your love and proud of you and your wife and especially your son..



  3. I am so sad for you and your family, Thinking of you! Poor son and wifey to find them. Poor hamster family too.

  4. awww i'm so sorry to hear that bro. Betty, R.I.P :(

  5. Any loss of a friend is painful. One thing that'll come of it is that your son will understand that life has a beginning, middle, and an end. So many folks are raised not knowing the love of a pet or the pain felt at their loss. These are usually the people that have a hard time adjusting to life's joys and nature's cruelty as adults.

    Sounds like time for a new pet soon.

  6. Why did they all have to go one right after another? I'm hoping for a big break before the next passing. I hope your son finds solace in knowing that his hamsters lived the hanster good life.

  7. It's been a while since you've been on your blog..hope you and family are doing okay..



  8. Hello All,

    Thank you for stopping by.

    Donna | They have lots of antics that are endearing to us. They are smarter than we thought we know them to be. Love them all.

    Rhiannon | They are precious like any other bigger pets.

    Exactly. The more time we spend with our pets, giving our attention and love, they can in return respond quite surprisingly more pleasant and intelligent than we thought possible.

    That is one lucky cat to have been taken care of by you. One of the wonderful gifts in life.

    Wandi | Hamsters have such a short lifespan. Having a few from the same liter have made us to experience one death after another when they reached their lifespan.

    Crashy | Betty was one of Sonny's favorite because of her gentle and endearing antics.

    He was always playing with her after school. She will definitely be missed by him.

    Mike | That is very true. Thank you for letting me at least see the good side of loosing one's pet. Learning to be compassionate makes us a better person, I agree.

    Barbara | They were of the same liter. So they reach the end of their lifespan about the same age.

    Not too soon enough, another has just died. Angie. One of my favorite because of her zest for life right until her last.

    I am missing her very much whenever I think of her.

    Thank you all for your kind words. Little are these creatures, but the love for them is huge and priceless.

    Have a good life everyone.


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