Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Happy Birthday Love

Though our dates are a day apart
We are now a year older
Nonetheless, it is our happiest day
Of the year for both of us
Because we know in our hearts
We have each other

Happy 42nd Birthday Wifey

Loving You More With Each Passing Day


  1. Awwww, that was such a sweet dedication.

    A lot of well wisheses to your wifey! :)

  2. happy birthday!! (day late:)
    hope you all had a great day.

  3. Happy Birthday to wifey. I hope she manages to have a rest and put her feet up and for her to be waited on hand and foot by YOU!!!Ha.
    Yes, you are more then welcome to use the balloon burst idea.
    Just a few tips.
    Use thin strips of paper, write the message on and roll them up, then slot them into the balloon whilst it's deflated.
    Make sure that the pin is as child safe as can be. I use the drawing pin with the plastic end on...but each child needs supervising.
    Also Imran, ask the child to hold the balloon they have chosen to pop...makes it easier.

    Make sure the balloons are firmly secured with knotted ribbon...in case it's windy.

    I did 150 tickets saying ''you have won a pencil''
    50 tickets saying ''sorry no prize this time''
    6 tickets saying ''you have won a bottle'' and I had a selection of wines, bubble bath etc.
    10 tickets with book tokens as a prize.
    Ten tickets saying ''you have won a free burst''
    and various other prizes depending on what you have to give.
    Good luck and let me know how it goes. The kids love it and so do the big kids.

    If you have other stalls you could ask them to allow you to write a ticket saying ''free go on ----, or a free burger'' etc, depending on what's there.

  4. Aaaah..such a sweet, loving and caring husband "wifey" has! Wish both your Birthdays are very very happy and special!



  5. Happy birthday Imran for the 30th. I did not know you shared a birthday with my beloved son. Happy birthday to your beautiful wife as well. I hope you had a wonderful time.

  6. Happy birthday to you and Wifey, Imran!

  7. Imran... tolong ucapkan selamat hari lahir utk isteri Imran yer... bila nak datang Malaysia?? Nanti kita jalan2 kat KL.. hmmm tapi rasanya Imran dah selalu ke KL kan??

  8. Hello Everyone,

    Thank you for stopping by and thank you again for the well wishes to both Wifey and me.

    Hope your birthdays were a blessing as ours were.

    Have a great year!


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