Monday, July 07, 2008

Dad-icated To You

Dad & Mom at National Cancer Centre Clinic D waiting area

Though I was a quite worried for the past few weeks leading to the date today, I kept it in me and not show it outwardly.

I hid the worry lines on my face with smiles, but Mom saw little glimpses of them anyway. A mother's intuition is always so strong... I was like an open book to her.

I know the cab ride to the National Cancer Centre at SGH was a little quiet. A little unnerving for me actually. I worried for Dad. I cannot help but worry the both of you, my beloved parents.

NCC Level 2 Clinic D Reception

Dad. It has been 3 years since you had your operation, The removal of that growth in your large intestine was a benign growth as you knew it, but at stage 3, the cancerous tumor was the most devastating news your children had to bear.

The symptoms came to a painful realization to you, the prognosis had seen sleepless nights with me. I am sure to the rest of my siblings too, though I know we could never imagine the pain and extreme worries you had to endure.

We had to hide the truth from you and Mom knowing that you both will worry more than concentrating to have it removed and recover. You had more than enough to worry about.

So, what is like a routine annual colonoscopy procedure for you is actually heart-pounding weeks for me until the results come out. Remission is a good word to hear.

Five years is a determining time for survival. You had your third and it came out just as good, like the previous two times.

And like the previous two years, the unnerving feeling that I felt waiting for you outside the waiting room remained just as scary until you came out of the Endoscopy Theater, with your blue kimono scrubs... all smiles and pronounced "Dr. Ooi said everything looks good."

My heart could then stop pounding so hard. I said a silent prayer to The Almighty for that good piece of news. We are given the opportunity to be with you for longer.

So the cab ride back home was a total opposite from this morning. I know, I was chatty myself.

As we sat at your dining table eating good food for our late lunch, I could not help but stole little stares at you as my heart swell with joy.

The food we bought from the Woodlands bazaar never tasted so good to me.

So we are going to enjoy each others' company and live our lives healthy, happy and free. Time we have cannot be taken for granted but fully use and appreciate.

Congratulations for being at the pink of health. I dedicate this post to you, my beloved Dad.

NCC Main Waiting Atrium

NCC Endoscopy Theater

NCC many consultation rooms

Patients Locker No #4. Superstitious Cantonese for "death"


  1. good news!! so glad that it came out that way -- the hospital looks really nice!

  2. Excellent post! I'm so happy your dad is so far cancer free.

    My dad died of cancer.

    I hate cancer more than anything. If the money spent fighting wars could be spent on fighting cancer, that would make me a happy woman.

  3. So Happy to hear the great news of your dad's health! May the bad be forever gone.

  4. Just reading this post I began to worry and hoped your post would end with a good outcome! So greatful it did! Such a Blessings for you and all of your family. Not only are you a good husband and father you are a wonderful son!

    By the way thank you for the info about blogging you gave me. I've tried some of what you said but got time..I'll figure it out.

    Bless you,


  5. Hello All,

    Thank you for stopping by and thank you for the well wishes.

    It is always unnerving when that time of the year comes again. And thankfully my Dad has been doing great.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Good news...glad your dad had the all clear.The fact that he is monitored regularly is a good thing but as you've said you always have that niggling worry in the back of your mind...

    The hospital looks fantastic...I would love a job there...

    A wonderful post for your dear dad.


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