Sunday, June 29, 2008

Woody And Buzz

Today was a whole lot of fun and laughter. More Saturdays should be spent like this...

All my family came to Chalet No.9 at Aloha Loyang Resort a little after Downtown East in Pasir Ris to celebrate my Niece's two Marthin Boys Birthday Bash.

Celebrating their 4th and 3rd birthdays - Sam Woody and Hiz Buzz was all game. They sure had enjoyed themselves with their cousins and friends. The parents had a blast too.

The Toy Story themed-party was probably the biggest birthday party I had ever attended.

It started off at 4:30PM with a big bang of confetti and loud music that psyched all the children to high-energy fun... magic shows, live pets to touch and pat, games after games, prizes and Toy Story goodies kept the children all smiles.

Toddler guests had their time filled sitting cute while their caricature portraits were being drawn.

Cakes, cookies and candies were the soul-food of the party that would make any dentist gleam with pride for their purpose in life. Blame in on the two Woody and Buzz pinatas that blew-up candies when the birthday boys each had their turn striking at them.

At one point, Woody refused to burst with candies after numerous strikes even with the help of their Daddy, so their Daddy had to "knifed" him secretly to weaken his paper mache body. It was a cruel sight!

On a quieter note, I had some time spent with Dad and Brother-in-law at the beach, watching and chatting while they fish.

The guest left by 8:00PM while the family members congregated to the barbecue pit for some outdoor cooking. Stingray in chili sauce, prawns and cuttlefish, chicken and beef Satay were the hot favorites.

There were tons of food for a perfect excuse to pig-out. Gluttony had the best of me too. So I will have to burn out the ultra-access food intake these next few days with more intense exercises... but it was so worth it.

The best time was definitely spending time with the family and just chat. Lots of fun and funny stories, while ghost stories told by Dad and my Brother-in-law got everyone's full attention. It beats the best of Ghost Hunters series by a mile.

As the night progressed into early morning, slowly, one by one fell asleep as each snuggled-up on the sofas. Wifey and I left the chalet about 3:00AM while Sonny stayed-on.

We would have stayed overnight there too if not for Wifey forgetting to bring along her asthma medications that she had to skip the night's dose. Sigh.

Well, anyway, today was an day awesome spent with family and friends. The chalet was ideal for such a large family like us, so we set a date to be together there again this December.

Happy Birthday Sam and Hiz... Precious Little Ones.

I'll be back!


  1. What a varied and well-organised party. The little guys look as if they are having great fun.

  2. Wow, what a party! I'd never have made it staying awake until 3 a.m.

  3. Wow, what a wonderful party. I wish I was there to join in on the celebrations. It sounds like you all had a blast.


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