Friday, February 29, 2008

Leaping To Flight

Another work week came and gone. Last weekend was great, this weekend will be historic.

Today, 29th February is a special day. Not only that it is a Friday, my favourite day of the week, it is also payday... on a day that makes a leap year!

All is good and I am thankful, but tomorrow will be a great day for 5 of us. Mom and Dad, Wifey, Sonny and me are going on a historic flight.

Singapore Flyer under construction in Oct 2007

Well, not on board SIA's Airbus A380 after the Singapore Airshow 2008 fascination with Boeing and jumbo jets, but a shorter flight of about 40 minutes... on board Singapore Flyer.

Being 165 metres in height or 40 storeys high, it is currently the tallest wheel in the world, until China builds their higher version of what started of in Briton as the London Eye at 135 metres.

I bought the tickets online as soon as they were made available almost a year ago. The tickets finally came mid this month to my relief after waiting for so long.

Singapore Flyer marks the skyline from The Esplanade in Nov 08

Since the structure rose above behind the tall trees, it was difficult to not notice its towering presence whenever one passes by, as it claims its mark on that part of our island's skyline.

This afternoon, I made a call to my parents to remind them again that the waiting time is over, it is time for them to get dressed tomorrow and be ready for me to fetch them from their home on the 4th floor in Woodlands to the revolving 40th storey overlooking Marina Bay.

Where the biggest wheel in the world is spinning its magic on our family and many more people on opening day tomorrow.

Singapore Flyer Site Camera photo on 29 Feb 2008

Flight of Fancy no more. This is the real deal. A historic one for us. We are leaping for new heights on 1st March 2008... please don't rain.


  1. I'm at school now - I'm able to see blogs, but not able to see photos that are added. When I get home I'm going to come back and see them. I wish I was going with you!! I'll be thinking of you all. :)

  2. Oh my. I don't know if I could do that.

    You 5 have lots of fun though!

    Live, laugh, love!

  3. nothing for ppl who are afraid of heights huh? Actually i dont min merry go round, but london eye kind frekas me out - being trapped there for like an hour... no thank you!

  4. Hello All,

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Andrew | Wish you were here too so we can take you tour our small island. We are excited to ride it.

    DeeJay | It should be high, it should also be safe. May not be on top of the mountain, but the new view of our island should be interesting from this vintage point.

    Crashy | Guess not, but instead of an observatory deck, a vertically revolving one should be interesting.

    Spending an hour would be great, but the ticket price for both London's and Singapore's is about 30 minutes long.

    Claustrophobic... well, that's another matter altogether.

    Thanks all again. Have a great week ahead.


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