Friday, February 08, 2008

RATtling Good Time

A biker getting ready for some nature trail.

Today has been a journey full of discoveries.

Today, for the first time, I was led by our Son to get a spot for our midday Friday Prayers at Al Gufran Mosque. Being a public holiday, the mosque was packed and overflowed with worshipers onto the open field in front of the building.

All these years, whenever a public holiday falls on a Friday, I would coaxed our Son to go to the mosque for prayers with me.

Mats laid on the open field for Friday Prayers on a public holiday

Now that he is a teen in secondary school, he goes for prayers with his classmates every Friday straight from school. A whole horde of students normally occupy the 2nd and mostly 3rd storey of mosque during prayers.

He tried to lead me to his prayer spot on the 3rd floor, but there were just too many people already there that led us to the centre of the field to hear the sermon and prayer.

The hot day was frying everyone out there, but the occasional winds were much welcomed.

Still not enough of sun-tanning for us, we set of on our bikes to explore more places within the vicinity of Tampines where we live.

The most exciting place that I have always passed-by but never get to go beyond the tall lalang grass was unveiled to me finally this afternoon.

Son leading the Eucalyptus Biking Trail

Yes, led by our Son, we both ventured in, while Wifey stayed behind at the entrance under a cool shade of eucalyptus trees.

Beyond the small tarmac road was a gravel open space used for parking cars.

Across the car park was the actual entrance to what is now a reserved site by the National Parks as Mountain Biking Trail.

Nope. There is no mountain in Singapore, just hills where one can climb to the top within 20 minutes. And no, one does not have to be athletically fit to beat that time to climb either.

It gives you the perspective how flat this island is.

What is interesting about this place, is the fact that it started off as a forested area, full of eucalyptus trees and tall lalang grass, swampy in certain parts, with wild undergrowth.

Shelter and bike ramp at Bikers Obstacle Course

Biking enthusiasts started going off track to explore the place, and before long, a nature trail was paved as more bikers got to know about it.

They would spend hours inside and even made themselves an obstacle course, taking advantage of the undulating natural terrain.

Soon, the place became famous with bikers.

The National Park saw that it was a suitable and much needed venue for such a sport, it made it official with some development to make the place safer, yet remained rustic and natural for a rugged sport for the general public.

Shelter & runway for space for model airplane enthusiasts

Amazingly, in the centre of the biking trail is a large natural opening taken advantage by the model airplanes and helicopters enthusiasts to fly their toys at.

The National Parks made a simple runway and shelters for their added convenience.

I think the place has also potential to be bird watching site. I spotted egrets and local birds as we cycled along the trail.

Wifey cut our bicycle-rattling exploration short when she called me on my cell phone to turn back after she got bored alone at the entrance.

Continuing along our cycling route, there were just so many sights worth looking closer at. Things that when given time only then can we appreciate.

I kept snapping pictures as we cycled along until it was time to head back home for dinner.

Bathed, rested and refreshed, we headed... on a bus this time, out to Changi Beach Park for a night-picnic with the stars. Thank God it did not rain.

Son playing online a version of Tetris on his laptop via WirelessSG

Just like Pasir Ris Beach Park, this beach was also packed with clusters and clusters of overnight campers.

One cluster of campers saw 9 tents pitched in a semi-circle, with a sweet-smelling barbecued fish smoking the night air. The Malay family of several generations must have had a blast of a time together.

Bought our Seafood Fried Noodles and snacks, we spread a mat on the street-lighted beach for our dinner while the MP3 player blasted my favourite songs. We took it slow in the evening and just chill-out.

Today, we stopped to smell the roses... the morning glories, the barbecued foods. Made many more stops and did many more things which I have not enough of a talent to describe them eloquently.

We simply were just loving it!

Saturday tomorrow... yes!


  1. What a perfectly lovely day. I enjoy reading about your customs and your country.

  2. By the way, I finally got around to adding a link to your blog on my own site.

  3. I love hearing of your travels - really lightens my day, thank you

  4. ooooooooooh such lovely pics, and the flowers! Ýou sure know how to indulge life..

    and btw, happy v'day bro!

  5. Hello All,

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments.

    Donna | It was indeed a perfect day spending with my beloved people together. I love my family, I love nature, I love the holiday. Perfect.

    Thanks for linking me to your site. We're neighbors now.

    Tanie | I love the nature and exploring it. I take picture of the things that make me happy and love to share with everyone. Glad you liked it.

    Crashy | Like you, I love life and am passionate about it. The best thing is when you can experience it with your family and share it with your friends.

    Life throws many challenges, tough and easy, but is beautiful overall. Happy V-day to you to.

    Thanks again. Have a great weekend.


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