Thursday, February 07, 2008

RATs! No Camping

Well it was an over-zealous plan anyway...

While the Chinese folks are celebrating their Lunar New Year of the Rat for the next fifteen days, the three of us were cycling our way to Pasir Ris Beach Park in late morning.

Donna from Just Me was right. Wifey had not recovered hundred percent from her recent gooey experience, but she was determined to have the day at the beach anyway.

We had to stop several times along the way for her catch her breath. Fortunately it was not because she was out of breath, but her tired legs. More tired than usual. We did not take chances either, her Ventolin inhaler was on standby.

We stopped by Giant Hypermart in Tampines Retail Park for our early lunch at 11:00AM. Our gamble for an open stall during this festive period paid off when both the Halal food-stalls in the whole Food Court were open. The only ones open today. Phew!

Grabbed a few snacks and bottled drinks from the hypermart, then off to the beach park.

Once at the beach, the crowd of mostly Malays and Indians were picnicking and camping out already.

Rows and rows of tents lined the seaside. Children everywhere having their most fun time of being young. The atmosphere was ecstatics to say the least.

We picked a spot on the grass under the shade of the big rain tree. No pitching a tent, but just a mat. No overnight camping this time.

Facing the sea in front of us was a group of Indian men playing an entertainingly funny game of cricket.

Flying tennis ball bouncing off trees and dodging off crowds, the game became quite unpredictable... it stopped abruptly when the ball flew into a coconut tree and refused to come down. A good 20 minutes intermission... until they got the ball back down.

Behind us were colorful, screaming-happy children playing at the large playground.

People-watching was our time spent quietly on a mat, Wifey laid down, head on my lap while we munched potato chips and eat strawberry wafers.

Never thought the mixed taste of sucking on sour-plums that Wifey bought and drinking Pokka's Lychee Tea was so tasty.

The day was bright and sunny. Hot as it was, but under the shade with a constant sea breeze was a perfect cool reprieve. It was the perfect day for us, for everyone there.

Our Son has become quite an expert flying the kite nowadays. Thanks too to the no-frill, easy-to-fly plastic kites that were on sale with 50% discount today. Fun-filled and pure-satisfaction to see the kite soared so high all by his own efforts, for just $3.00 investment with his own money.

We left at 4:30PM for home. Giving ourselves time for a refreshing bath and getting ready to go out for some seafood dinner. Old Bedok Walk was our pick.

We made a wise choice because all the Malay and Indian Muslim restaurants were open when we got there. There were many families having dinner out just like us, nonetheless, we did have to wait for our table. We were the early birds to dine.

There were many Chinese with large families having dinner too. Knowingly so, since the majority of the coffee shops throughout the island are Chinese-own and are closed for several days for the celebrations.

This place has been our family's haunt all these while, but strangely it was our first time ordering from this restaurant, the first in the row.

It was not disappointing either, because the food was great, the helping was large and the price was competitive. It made into our family's list of food haunts today.

The whole day was perfect. It could not have gone better... now to stick on medicated plasters onto Wifey's sore thighs before I go to sleep...


  1. Lovely pics bro - seems like you guyz really enjoyed yourself?

    Oh, and btw, happy new year! :)

  2. How's my Sis from Gothenborg doing? I see you've a new picture now.

    Yes we had a perfect day even though we changed the plan a little to not actually camp there overnight.

    The day was enjoyable and the night with great seafood feasting instead of barbecuing was scrumptious. It was a perfect day to spend the start of the holiday for us.

    Happy weekend to you, have a great one.

  3. What a beautiful place! I really like how you have the weather thing on the right side of the page. I never knew how to read C degrees, though. F is all for me. :) Maybe I should figure that out.
    (Then again, I have Singapore on the list on the side of my blog and it shows it to me!)

  4. What a wonderful time it all seemed. ANd right now with such horrid weather here in the UK it looks soooo inviting. Best wishes to Wifey as well!

    BTW Crash, I can't seem to get onto your Blog anymore - it has disappeared!!!

  5. How lovely! You keep a close eye on the Wifey though; if she's tiring so easily, it could easily be that she has pneumonia.

    I love the beach, but haven't seen many in my time, living in the midwestern United States.


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