Friday, February 22, 2008

Putting On Airs

Friday is the best day of the week. My joyful prelude to maximizing my kick-back and relax enjoyment factor on weekends.

Finally purchased my eTickets on my iMac, successfully.

Set a date on Sunday, 24 February 2008 with family for the Singapore Airshow 2008. Touted as Asia's largest air-show with aviation largest players - military, commercial and aerospace come together to one spot with all the high-flying technology to boast.

S$20.00 each for Wifey and I, S$8.00 for our Son who is 12. Paid online and printed the eTickets, ready for the show and exhibition that is open to public only this weekend. It starts at 9:30AM till 5:00PM.

Wifey's highlight of the show is to get into the Singapore Airlines Airbus A380. It should be interesting to see what luxurious comfort the airline can offer to those with lots of money. Our Son's interest is with the high-tech military gadgets and fighter jets that will be on display.

For me, I am just happy to have this outing with them as a family. Well, alright... I want to see the aerobatic flying display that will start at noon and ends one and a half hours later... among other technological advancements in the aviation history with their static displays.

Seriously, I love to experience new things with them together. It feels so much sweeter and more memorable... with photos, lots of photos. That reminds me... to charge the Camcoder batteries. It will then be my first post with video clips on my blog... cool.


  1. We went to the Air Show here about 2 years ago. Despite being an Air Force brat for 16 years our parents never took us to see this kind of air show. The kind with fast jets flying around. In 1976 we were stationed on Guam and the U.S. was having its Bicentennial celebration. The base was having an air show but many of the planes were bombers that flew. Big B-52's and along those lines. We have many great slides from that day. I preferred the Thunderbirds and their skilled pilots personally. But both were so different from one another. Very good times!

  2. Hope you enjoy this experience...a good trip out for all the family.

  3. I love air shows!! wish I was there to see it, too. :)

  4. Hope you have fun. I'll check back for the video.


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