Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sizzling Hot Show

Singapore Airshow 2008 at Changi Exhibition Centre

Yes, Singapore Airshow 2008 was a triple-rating hot show indeed.

Hot. The weather was perfect, bright and sunny.

Hot! One hour queue in an open field for the shuttle service.

Hot. Newly built exhibition centre, huge and lots to see.

Two out of three hot stuff is not bad, but the waiting in the hot sun melting, almost spoiled our day out.

Airshow Pickup Point at Pasir Ris MRT Station

"For 20 bucks each, I didn't know they threw in a workout and sauna too." I joked with Wifey and our Son... henceforth calling him Sonny, while walking in the queue with hundreds others, around the Pasir Ris MRT Station and then into the zig-zagging lanes out in the open field in the hot afternoon sun.

We were expecting crowds, lot of people, but did not expect the queue to be out in the open field under the hot sun... what happen if it rains instead?

For S$20.00 per adult, I believe the organizers would definitely be able to afford large tents and a better organized queue holding area... rain or shine.

For that ticket price, I was expecting a goodie-bag given out at the entrance of the show-grounds... or at least a bottle of mineral water, but I was silly to think so. No door-gift, no souvenir.

Crowd watching Aerobatic Displays outside Hall 6

Fortunately, like any commercial exhibition, there were free gifts from some of the exhibitors up for grabs... and the people grabbed as many.

Seriously, there were about 90,000 people who came to the air-show as the newspaper reported and those who gulped down and eat overpriced drinks and food. Some tents at the pickup point would do justice.

The highlight of the show with most visitors was definitely the Airbus A380. Wifey was so excited that as soon as the aerobatics display ended at 1:45PM, she rushed us to see the static exhibits especially a chance to board the A380.

Airbus A380 flight during Aerobatic Display

There it was, a flying giant grounded for all to awe at the human marvel to successfully realize a humongous flying machine... and that was about it. To witness in awe at it and never get a chance to board the plane at all... unless you are a paying passenger to Sidney, Australia or London on SIA.

The sign inside the barrier stated "By Invitation Only."

"What?!" Wifey exclaimed, "Why can't we get to see inside?" puzzled, but sounded mostly disappointed.

Wifey posing with outside A380 instead

"Yeah!" I agreed in support, "I wanted to try the bed..." I joked, "swipe some cutleries..." No respond. Yep, a very disappointed Wifey.

So, she got to stand at the middle of the tarmac and had her photo taken with the Airbus... from the outside. Good enough. Next!

One bright orange helicopter exhibit from Advance Aviation was particularly inviting. No barriers!

So visitors got to view it up close, touched it too but short of going into the cockpit. Timely enough, everyone was asked to moved outside the yellow line as it was taking off just after Wifey and Sonny got their photo taken with its door opened.

Another was the Republic Of Singapore Air Force Hercules Helicopter exhibit. We got a chance to board it and I got to explain to Sonny my heyday as a medic in the army.

Several times in our live exercises, we got to load casualties into the copter and taken for a ride to another location in a casualty evacuation-simulation exercises.

I could go on describing the static displays one at a time, but even I do not want to bore myself to sleep, so I will not.

Basically, I was happy to be there and ogled at the human marvels up close. The photo opportunities were more than satisfy me for the day.

Wifey redeemed her disappointment when she got to bag as many insignia badges, nylon carriers, pen-holder sleeves made from the same material as with mouse-pads... and a dozen different colored pens from different exhibitors there.

She enjoyed collecting them so much, it was scary. She made it sure, it was worth the 48 bucks spent on the tickets on three of us.

Nonetheless, she could not resist but to buy a S$16.00 Aviator Teddy Bear with a Singapore Airshow 2008 pin on it.

Sonny was a little disappointed he did not get a signed autograph poster from any of the aerobatics display pilots... but soothed when we get to buy the Airbus A380 1:200 scale model for S$60.00.

The queue for the shuttle bus home was another long-drawn-out story all together.. expectedly so, since there were an exodus of thousands of people going home at the same time.

One thing everyone would agree with... everybody had lots of sizzling hot pictures and sharp tan lines.


  1. I love air shows; it's probably been ten years since I've seen one.

  2. You have a most interesting blog.

    Stay on groovin' safari,

  3. Wow and awesome man. That is so very cool. I would have loved to be there to see that. Maybe someday I can come visit you and wifey and your son and enjoy your wonderful life and culture.

  4. I thought scarfing up the "freebies" at an overpriced event was an American thing; I stand corrected!
    You have hit upon one of my pet peeves: paying a huge price to "get in" to an event only to pay a lot of money to be able to eat or drink anything while inside (and of course, bringing your own food / drink is usually discouraged!)
    Oh well.

    PS- Sorry I have been out of the blogging game for awhile- I haven't forgotten all of you; just been busy!!

  5. Hi Imran,

    Looks like a lot of fun for all. I've seen a lot of air shows throughout my lifetime...they are quite something..

    Thanks for dropping by and your meant a lot to me..all the way across the world someone is thinking of

    There are more people like me in America then you could ever imagine..good people non drugging non criminals...yes, good people... just without just amazes me how people in my country just "pretend" it's not there or not happening..that seems to be the way our country is these days..I still hope for "change" with the coming presidential election..I want to be around to see the "miracle" happen..

    Angel Blessings to you Imran..your such a great person in this world..

    Take good care and glad your "wifey" got better!


  6. Hello All,

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving your messages.

    Donna | Well, it's the opposite for me. That was my first one. Interesting, but it could be better.

    Tor Hershman | Thank you for coming and your compliment. I went to yours, but did not leave any comment as you requested not to, so I comment it here...

    Your artwork is definitely interesting and worth mentioning.

    Andrew | Wish you were here too Bro. The US had the most presence in defence technology and static displays.

    Though those were the latest, the museum in Dayton, Ohio was even larger and had more static displays than I could ever imagined.

    Love that place when we visited the US a few years back.

    Wandi | I wish you were here too. It's a date. If you are ever in Singapore, we'll be here to take you around town.

    Not much really, this island is so small, you probably will not see it in the world map... it's at the southern-most tip of Malaysia.

    LP | This day and age, every we do here has American influence whether we like it or not... the good and bad, but I believe scarfing freebies is universal... a primal human instinct.

    Here we call... even famous for being "Kiasu" - a Chinese Hokkien dialect means "scared to loose out."

    Rhiannon | I am so relieved that you are alright. I kept going over your blog to see if you have found a new place and are safe.

    Hope all is well and you have at least settle some parts of it and for the situation to get better.

    I told Wifey about it and felt helpless here not able to help you in any way.

    We are thinking about you always. Please keep in touch. You're a beautiful person to know and be friends with. Take care.

    Thank you all again. Have a good week ahead.


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