Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Under The Weather

Oh No!

I have the sniffles last night after feeling a little more uncomfortable in my throat since in the early afternoon at work.

I had to go to the doctor's this morning because by the time I work up about 4:50AM, the pain in my throat was intense. My joints were all aching and my nose was blocked.

I officially declared myself as sick and texted my boss that I was taking sick leave today. Told my colleague about the job I was doing to inform her that it was almost complete and should be more than ready for submission by Thursday.

The doctor came later to the clinic today. I was patient number 3. There were not many patients when I arrived at 8:30AM when the clinic opened but then the sick zombies like me came in one a time to fill up the clinic by the time my number was called at 9:15AM.

The usual prescription was given but I wanted the antibiotics so badly because I hate being sick. I do not get sick frequently but when I do I am the crybaby in the house... totally flat-out over-sized baby!

Today is such a beautiful day out, yet I will be at home and sleeping most of the time. Sigh.

Thanks to Wifey who have passed some germs to me. She has been having flu for the past week and still refused to see the doctor. She self medicate with the medicines that she has but without the antibiotics.

"After 3 days Mama, it is viral infection," says Sonny "not because of lethargy." He tried to convince his mother to see the doctor.

Wifey and I are total opposites when it comes to being sick. I will make the dash to the doctor's but Wifey will linger and suffer in silence while she still does her daily chores. I, the other hand, will be a moppy-bedridden sick zombie, rendered nonfunctional and useless for the day.

The doctor advised me to stay away from my father who is in the isolation ward in SGH when he was diagnosed as having Tuberculosis after 3 days of being warded for breathlessness and coughing fresh blood out.

Dad will be very disappointed to not see me for several days at the ward... only 4 nominated persons are allowed to see him in there.

I am one of them as I am the administrator, while the other 3 are Mom, 3rd Sis who Mom is staying with for the moment and Brother-in-law has a car as transport for my wheelchair-bound Mom.

Even with the TV and daily newspapers, Dad still felt all alone in the ward. For Mom to be there most days, his loneliness is soothed.

Fortunately, the Room 3 Isolation Ward has a telephone that everyone can call to talk to Dad. Though only for a few minutes of talking, it keeps him occupied and not miss the family that much hopefully.

Dad will be in the ward for a minimum of 2 weeks, then the rest of the symptoms can be treated. I hope to recover fast and can start visiting Dad after work again soon...


  1. That's pretty typical, the women being the stoical ones and the men being the babies when it comes to being sick. At least Wifey's asthma didn't flare up with her flu or cold, right?

  2. Your run down...you've been going through a lot with the stress of your dad's health problem for a long while now..and working and family...that's a lot to handle. You know Antibiotics are given out like candy by some Drs. these days. They "DO NOT" cure a flu or cold..only if the Dr. thinks you then get an infection later. Antibiotics can actually make things worse at times..not allowing your own bodies immune system to "fight the cold" or the "Flu", with taking antibiotics as soon as you feel a cold or flu coming on could actually make things worse! Be careful and not depend on them at the beginning. There are a lot of natural type immune fighters and natural type antibiotics that don't do what prescription antibiotics do...run your system "down" and can cause worse problems for you. Herb liquid extracts like Goldenseal and Echinacea where you put the liquid drops in hot tea or juice are really helpful for your immune system to fight better Muhd.

    Be careful and so sorry to hear about your Dad getting TB. It's the last thing he needs. You take good care of yourself and don't depend on too many "meds" that can drag you down worse. Try to keep a strong immune system by not taking too many. Orange juice? Vitamin C juices?

    Okay enough of "Nurse Rhiannons" babbling.
    Wishing you a quick recovery my friend.

    Blessings to you and your family,


  3. You poor guys.
    TB...it is apparently on the increase here in the U.K. so we shouldn't overlook it I reckon.

    The over-use of anti-biotics have led to anti-biotic resistant bugs too, so we all need to do without them as and when we can...jeepers.

    The swine flu is doing the rounds here. I was poorly earlier in the year and am really hoping I had my dose then.

    Hope you all get well soon...have been ill all week after having some teeth removed last Monday in the hospital...eeww.Nasty.

    Hope wifey is better too and Sonny stays well.


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