Friday, December 11, 2009

I'm Still Under

I was feeling much better a day after my medical leave off work on Wednesday. I was Under The Weather on Tuesday and stayed home nursing my "wounds."

Managed to complete my work and submitted a day ahead of the dateline, yet by late afternoon, I started to feel ill again, this time with a tender feeling whenever I touch the left side of my head.

It became worse at night as all illnesses seem to manifest or should I say magnified. I had trouble sleeping peacefully that night, waking up almost every hour and feeling the pain on my left head. I had to sleep on my right side for most of the rest of the night.

Came morning, I woke up to a nasty sore throat worse than the first time I visited the doctor the day before. The Trachisan lozenges that were given did some good to relief me of the pain every time I swallow but the Amoxycilin antibiotics has not worked its miracle for me yet, I guess.

The Fenfedrin tablets for my runny nose were a savior. It helped not to complicate my sickness as I had a clear airway and could breathe normally.

With guilt and a little embarrassment, I had to text my boss to inform her of my second MC of the week.

Like Tuesday, I was asleep for most of the morning, only to wake up by Wifey for lunch. Took my meds the second time for the day and fell asleep again for another 2 hours.

I had to call Mom when woke up in the afternoon to catch her before she left for the hospital to visit Dad. She has been visiting him daily since he was warded in the Isolation Ward for TB last Thursday. Dad has been feeling down being isolated and alone in the room all day.

I had to inform her that I was still not able to visit Dad to avoid exchange of infections – Dad getting my flu and I getting his TB with both of our immune system at a low. Dad’s the more critical one with lung cancer in his old age of 83.

“Dad was asking for you yesterday.” Mom just remembered, “I told him before earlier in the week but he has since forgotten.”

I know Dad is like that nowadays, always forgetting. It is sad to know that he feels soothed after his questions are answered but soon forget and start to feel sad again… as if we do not care for him enough to visit him.

Dad has to go through these 2 weeks minimum isolation before the doctor can safely say that he is no longer contagious and a threat to the other patients.

Hopefully he can return to the normal 6-bedded ward where he can talk and where there are people around… he may not talk to them because he is reserved but he likes to people-watch quietly from his bed as he would from his kitchen window at home.

The weekend is so near. I do hope that I can recover very soon to be able to visit him again. I miss him as much as he misses his children.

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