Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I'm Home Alone!

Wifey queuing for train tickets to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I bid Wifey and Sonny goodbye at the front door early this morning.

They left for the train station at Tanjong Pagar for a 6-hour ride on a Malaysian KTM train to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

It is Wifey's time with her Mom who lives in Selayang, KL to be with her. Wifey last saw her Mom in September 2009 when she came back to Singapore for a few days to celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri at her Clementi home.

It has been her home until her late husband's passing a few years before. She bought a home in KL to be with her other 5 out of 8 children who were born there.

As soon as I saw them went into the lift and closed my front door, I felt a part of me left too. I felt lonely as I exercised and got dressed for work. It has always been a strange feeling of emptiness when both of them are not around.

My usual "going-to-work" routine is slightly changed today and for the next several days. I must remember to close all the windows and lock the front door every time I leave home for work. I must remember to switch off the coffee maker... that is very important!

KTM - Malaysian Railway Station Arrival/Departure Hall

I almost forgot to close the bedroom windows this morning when I was already outside, locking the front door to! The laminated floor would have absorbed the rain that came in and pop the floor! Phew!

I must regiment my thoughts, like a checklist to remember all the things I should do before I lock the front door and leave for the day. I also have to water the potted plants in the evening when I come back from work.

Strangely, I came back home in the early afternoon today.

I am still not feeling well after the bout of flu I had a week ago. At midday, I had enough with the pain in my throat and the sudden sharp pain on the left side of my head. I went to the company doctor just before lunch break.

KTM's old building arch ceiling

I intended to ask for more lozenges and some reassurance that nothing seriously wrong with the pain on my head, instead I got an MC for the rest of the day and lots of medications and another round of antibiotics.

I left for the day and enjoyed the 40 minutes bus ride home just looking outside because it was a beautiful, sunny day.

Bought 2 packs of food - one for lunch and the other for dinner to find myself feeling alone at home when I opened my front door. The other half of the day has been a boring one.

I eat, watched TV... nothing good was on, so I played Full Metal Jacket movie for some reason and fell asleep because of the medication.

It is still boring and lonely. I hate this. I love being at home but being home alone really sucks. Sonny called me from KL at night and I got to talk to Wifey for a bit. They are enjoying their time there...


  1. Welcome to the world of living on your own! I've been living it for almost 11 years now...other than living with my friends about a year ago(for a year or so) because I had no place to live. I've gotten used to the silence and actually welcome it a lot. There's a lot to do to try to "keep up" when your living on your own. Most people just don't realize it....or what it feels like...unless they live on their own for a while.

    It's temporary Muhd...your wifey will be home before you known it and you will even appreciate her more when she does!..:o)...get better now. I'm a bit worried about that pain on the side of your head. If it hangs around much longer maybe you might want to get an MRI if you can and your insurance covers it. MRI's are much safer than x-rays and cat scans...as I'm sure you've probably heard. I wouldn't have know I have brain damage if it had not been for a Dr. setting me up to have an MRI. I'm glad he did. The thing is I had some weird sensations of throbbing pulsating pain in certain areas of my head for over a year all the time, before they even did the MRI...so anyway your probably okay but check it out if the head pain sticks around.

    Hang in there...your never really alone.



  2. Hello Rhiannon,

    It is true. I will appreciate Wifey and Sonny being here when they come back. I had experienced this situation many a times and I will always complain about it.

    I will however, be the happiest person on earth when I receive them back home again. The saying about being apart makes the heart grows founder is so true.

    I am worried too. With what has happened to my Dad and with the junk stuff they put in our foods these days, who knows.

    I am keeping tabs of the pain as it started last Thurday. I have never felt something like this before so it makes me wonder and a little concern.

    I am hoping nothing is serious, praying in fact, but so far both doctors I have seen said that it was normal because of the flu. I do hope it is normal!

    The second doctor gave me a round of antibiotics but I decided not to take it after finishing the first round. Like you said, too much of these are clogging our system.

    Sticking to natural remedies, I am hoping the runny nose will eventuall stop for good and so will the pain on my head.

    Coincidentally, the newspapers reported that MRI is safer than CAT-Scans and X-rays. CAT-Scan are the most dangerous of all 3 with the side-effects only come to light with recently.

    Thank you for the bit of information, it triggered a loud alert to me when I read about it after you told me.

    Have a good week ahead. Have a great weekend too.


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