Friday, December 18, 2009

I Have Company

It has been 3 days since Wifey and Sonny left me home alone for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to be with Wifey's Mom who moved there some 8 years ago.

Tuesday night was terrible as it was the first night I was left alone in the house, dump-founded as to what I wanted to do... watch TV, serve the net, blog, Facebook and many more things, but all seemed so boring without any of my beloved family member around.

The second day was much better. Not because I am "settling down" of being alone, but because I got company.

Alola came by to say hello and stayed the night. Alola is our "part tiime" pet cat, a stray our family has "adopted." He comes and goes anytime he pleases.

We give him food and water and in return he gives us his company and some loving-purrs to show us that he appreciates it.

It was a welcomed sight. Alola was resting at the front door when I came back from work. Automatically he came in when I opened the front gate and door to enter my home.

Routinely, he went to his food bowl when I had to feed him first before I could even put my stuff down and change my clothes. Yet, I was happy that he came by.

Like always, after a good meal, Alola will come by to look for anyone in the home and gave his purr-loving gesture before he settles to take a nap either on the mat or on the Ottoman stool in our master bedroom.

He gave me all the "loving" as I eat my packed dinner. Watched TV with me for a while before he left for the bedroom to sleep.

When it was my time to retire, he was already sound asleep on the Ottoman stool. He would normally head for the door to be let out, but I was happy that he stayed throughout the night instead and kept me company.

I have to be mindful not to step on him when I need to go to the bathroom because he might be sleeping on the mat or somewhere and blends so well in the dark.

By morning, I had my quick breakfast while he had his favourite seafood meal. I was really surprised that when I woke him up to leave the house, he followed me closely and went out the door together with me as I locked it shut, as if he knew no one was home and he had to be let out.

I bid him goodbye as I climbed down the stairs. He just looked at me until I turned the corner.

Unlike other cats, Alola does not meow much.

He is silent most times. It will be a surprise if we could ever hear him meows because I have never heard him meows before. The only sound we can hear is his purring... and the clacking sound he makes when his nails touch the laminated floor as he walks and nothing more.

If he wants something, he will just come to us and look up at us with those big green eyes. We will have to decipher either he wants more food or be let out... the only two thing.

It is kind of simple to care for him because he is a smart and silent "part-time" pet-cat. No climbing or scratching on furniture, no stealing of food off our plates and he goes out for nature calls.

Thanks for being here, Alola.

He just looks up at me now... no meows, just good company.


  1. Animals sense our feelings. He knew you needed company.

  2. glad he is there for you. I am never truly alone because I always have Fizz. Another heart beating in the same space as mine.

  3. Hello Ladies,

    I am happy that Alola comes everyday and stays the night until in the morning.

    The interesting part is that he always wants to be let out after his meal at night and never has stayed indoors overnight.

    I was waiting for him to asked to be let out but he so far has stayed throughout the night.

    Only last night, I heard his squeaky meow or sorts asking to be let out at 5:50AM. He came to my bedroom surprised me with his faint meow by my bed.

    Fortunately, I am a light sleeper.

    He purred at my legs for a while, while I hold the front door opened, went out and turned back to look at me before he left. So interesting to observe his antics... wondering what he was thinking then.

    I got myself a cool cat.

    Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend.

  4. He looks so much like my black cat "Lizzie"...but she is a "She"....she has the big yellow green eyes also..but longer hair than your kitty. Cats I believe are very intuitive...he must have known you needed the company that very sweet...thanks for sharing your story about Alola.


  5. Just calling by on this Christmas Eve to wish you a Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year to you and yours from a snowy U.K....bbbrrrrr.

  6. Animals, particularly cats & dogs, are very attuned to our habits, needs, and feelings. It seems even more so with cats as, unlike dogs, they adopted us as we were a source of food in the form of rodents that found our food stores welcoming. Once humans realized the cats were helpful, we welcomed them and they have managed to train some of us to serve as their 'masters'.

    A peculiar trait of cats that many don't know is that feral cats that have little or no human contact don't 'meow'. The degree of their vocalizations seems to vary with the amount of human contact. When growing up on the farms the barn cats, which were pretty much wild, were normally never heard from unless they were comfortable enough to get close to you.


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