Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dad's Free Again!

It has been exactly 2 weeks since Dad was diagnosed with tuberculosis and was quarantined off to the isolation Ward 58.

Today, he is "free man" again after he is moved to the normal 6-bedded Oncology Ward 48 in the afternoon. The non-air conditioned ward he likes. He hates being in the air-conditioned one because he feels the cold make it hard for him to breathe.

He waited for so long to be "let out" so that he could see other people and not feel alone any more. He likes to people watch quietly in his bed.

Early in the week, Dad had lost his patience to stay isolated and wanted out. He told Mom in one of her visits, to ask me to tell the doctor to let him out from the ward to the normal ward.

He was so bored being in there for the past week and hated the medicines given. The food was "terrible... with no taste at all. I cant eat it!"

I had to explain to him again that he was to be there for the length of 2 weeks because he will infect others if not isolated.

He lost track of time and sometimes asked what day it was. We brought him Berita Harian - a Malay language newspaper daily, but because of his medication and his condition, he was unable to read without being nausea.

He has been counting the days for his "release" which made it even tougher to pass through the day.

At one time, Mom and Sis could not make it to visit him. I was on medical leave and was advised strongly by the doctor to not visit him to prevent cross infections between us. So he was left alone without any visitor for that day.

He was saddened and refused to pick up the phone after many call from Mom. The nurse told Mom the next day that he did not touch his food that day. He was so disappointed with us... his feelings seemed to get amplified, very sensitive and dejected when he did not see Mom and us.

"I don't know what's going to happen to me." Dad's remark to Mom when she visited him the next day. He kept quiet the whole time and just closed his eyes.

Mom had to console and "pamper" Dad slowly to get his spirits up again. She rubbed and messaged his back and talked to him as if nothing wrong. He responded positively and started asked her to message his colicky stomach because he was not eating.

Elder Sis messaged his bony calves, especially his left leg he felt slightly painful after the fall at home a few weeks back. He eventually eased back into his old good self and started eating the dinner they served him that night.

Now, Dad will have to undergo what he was initially admitted for... he will go for his radiotherapy to shrink the two tumors on the left and right sides of his lung, and start a blood thinning medication to "melt" away the blood clot they detect in his lower left lung.

Hoping for him to find his strength to go through all these treatments with our unending support and constant prayers for him. We love you, Dad.

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  1. What a complicated time your family is going through right now, Muhd! I'm glad to hear that your father is out of isolation, and I pray that he will get through the radiation and blood clot treatment with strength and good spirits. The love of you and your family members is the best source of healing that he can receive.


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