Monday, January 19, 2009

Whiz-Through Weekend

Since school started, so has the parents like us with our DSP at Sonny's school.

Skipped a meeting the weekend before last to attend Sonny Edusave Award ceremony, but Wifey and I made it to the Dedicated and Supportive Parents group meeting last weekend.

Just like on our first year in DSP last year, we have somehow established ourselves to be in the games group when there is a fun fair to be held at the school.

Last year, we conceived a Spiderman-inspired game called "Stick 'Em Up" that was a hit with the students and visitors there. This year, the members requested that we brought back the game and was excited to hear what other new games we have in mind for this year's fund raising event.

Wifey and I have thought of two old games and given them a new twist...

One is called "Ancient Pluzzers" - jigsaw puzzles picture of ancient icons like the Stone Henge and Statues of Easter Island to name a few. Places of ancient times that still baffles scientists till today, hence the pun.

Blow-up the picture big enough and cut it into 9 to 12 equal squares. Stick each piece with a thick stereofoam backing to give it an easy grasping. Magnetic strips are pasted on the back of each piece to stick them up onto a white board. Sort the puzzle with a time limit.

Another one is called "Gone Fishing" - using a fishing rod with a hook at the tip of the fishing line to catch floating fishes made from disused water bottles filled with enough amount of starch at the bottom to make the bottle float upright in water at all times. The bottles are decorated with plastic fins and large eyes, and colored scales cut from straws to give it more appeal.

The bottle cap will be fitted with screw-hoops for catching it with the hook.

An inflatable plastic swimming pool will be used as a pond with a small aquarium pump to give some bubbles and push the water in the pool to move in one direction. The fishes will "swim" and bob round and round for extra difficulty to catch.

Both of these games are rather easy to make, but the time will be spent mostly on the deco of each of the fair's games stalls. I reckon we are going to use a lot of used carton boxes, shaped and painted with whatever motive we want for each stall.

It is going to be a lot of work for both of us, but we are more than happy to do it and do our best for the visitors' fun at the event.

So last weekend was spent on scouting for the right items and materials to make the props and handicraft stuff that we need to create the game from.

The usual spots for such items came from Art Friend in Bugis, Daiso at Plaza Singapore in Orchard Road, various party and costume shops at Bugis Village and Rochor Road.

We have all the items we think we need. The best part of it is that I will have a very, very long week off work next week, starting this coming Saturday.

Chinese New Year holiday will be on Monday and Tuesday, while my workplace will have another two days of plant shutdown to total to 6 carefree and creative days with Wifey.

The "fun" for the fair has already began far us both. It will be an exciting time creating and making the props as it will be as fun as on the actual day itself.

It is a wonderful way to be happy... helping out the school and the needy students too!


  1. thats a great thing the two of you are doing. Here when we have a fair like that they just rent the same ole games over and over every year. Our kids would have a great time at yours
    Happy New Year

  2. What a great project...

    Have a great week dear friend

    Love, Jess

  3. How fun for you both and all the kids! You are the 2009 Couple of the Year for Ingenuity!
    I wish we had the Chinese New Year as a holiday, too. I celebrate it in my own way, anyway. As a Rabbit/Cat, I believe the Year of the Ox is going to be somewhat better than the Rat ;oD, don't you think?
    Have lots of fun creating things to play with and making others happy in the process. Bravo!
    We are anxiously awaiting our new President tomorrow ... real cause for pride and celebration for our country. I wish I didn't have to work 2 jobs tomorrow so I could watch it on TV. I'm sure it will be repeated endlessly.
    Best to you and your family,
    SisSTAR ;oD

  4. That sounds like a lot of fun. And a week of work is always good. hehehehehe

    Good luck with the games, you should take some pictures of them, I bet they will be great.

  5. That sounds like so much fun. Brings out memories of our 'herd' as kids. Now it's grandkids and not nearly so often we can get to where they live and do stuff like this. Enjoy it while you can, they grow up all too soon.
    (sorry about the delete, far too many errors)


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