Saturday, March 15, 2008

What Fun af-Fair!

Sonny manning his Stick 'Em Up Games Stall

So this is how a department sales person would feel!

Standing, walking, attending to customers all day long... 8 to 12 hours a day. Wow! Hats off. My new found admiration to all the people in this profession out there.

It was 3:00PM and the Dunman Secondary School 6th Carnival event had finally came to a close. Phew!

The unpredictable Sticky Spiderman for Stick 'Em Up Game

It sure was hard work. Being there at 7:30AM for final preparations before the carnival officially started at 9:00AM with the school's own Lion Dance Troupe inaugurated the opening.

Like all schools here, Dunman Secondary School has been organizing this carnival and other fairs annually. All for the same purpose of collecting funds for a good cause. This carnival was meant especially to help the needy and less fortunate students of the school as well as their families with financial assistance.

Wifey manning her MARBLEous P!cks Game Stall

All three of us - Wifey, Sonny and myself were manning our two games stalls we called "Stick 'Em Up" and "MARBLEous P!cks" that we had conceived and made them ourselves from the games boards and props to decorating the stalls.

We even made "Game Master" badges for our Games Group.

Wifey busy entertaining players at her MARBLEous P!cks Game Stall

Since Sonny had been accepted to study his four years of secondary education, Wifey and I have been attending DSP or Dedicated Suportive Parents group meetings.

Wifey has been a true-blue veteran of parent volunteer since Sonny's primary school days at Saint Hilda's Primary... being a Reading Mom to help weak children learn to read and helping out at all the fun-fairs the school had in all 6 years Sonny was a student there.

Crowds picking-up at MARBLEous P!cks Games Stall

I am a first timer. I figured that I should be a little more involved since this secondary school years are the most important to mold him for tertiary education in his later years.

We chose to join the Games amongst the Food and Arts groups.

First Record Holder picking 8 marbles in one minute

When paired together to man a stall out of 8 game stalls, we decided that we create our own brand of games since all the games were the same last years and the years before. We thought that the student would need fresh new games and something more to their teenage age.

We were delightfully surprised when the DSP members gave a resounding applause in agreement after we presented our game sets we brought in.

Crowd having a great time playing Stick 'Em Up game

They played them and was full of praises for us... requesting us to "expand" our game sets to allow more players in one go. They were anticipating a good response from the people at the carnival and this collect more funds.

So it was back to the drawing board for Wifey and I.

My "Stick 'Em Up" using sticky Spiderman toys - the ones that when thrown onto a smooth wall will flip zig-zagging downward by gravity, had a player at a time to become four. The plastic white perforated board was increased from one extended to three.

Our proud Stick 'Em Up homemade Game Board & Rules

At the bottom of the board are plastic cups stuck across the board and labeled with either first and second prizes to win and booby traps if the spiderman falls into any of them.

Wifey's "MARBLEous P!cks" had another container to increase the number of players from two to four at a time. Picking up 6 marbles with chopsticks from a container filled with 2 inches of flour in to a bottle in 1 minute.

Good crowd at Stick 'Em Up Games Stall

Today turned out to be a fantastic day and a day I am very grateful for.

Firstly, it had been raining heavily for the past week, but it was sunny all day long today.

Secondly, I got to spend family time with Wifey and Sonny while entertaining the people at the carnival that came to our stalls to play. There were so many people and repeat customers too.

Christina Seet Stick 'Em Up First Record Holder of 3 1st Prizes

Thirdly, both of our games stalls turned out to be a hit amongst the people there. We placed coupons after coupons into our ticket box until it filled almost right to the top and we could see the coupon from the tiny slid.

It was worth our efforts to make the game sets and donated about a hundred dollars worth of prizes we bought from a wholesaler.

YiLing & Friend Stick 'Em Up Record of 8 1st Prizes

Fourthly, many people thought that our games stalls were the best and the most well-decorated amongst the many stalls there, they thought we were party planners. Many inquired if they could engage us for their children's parties.

We even got an order to replicate the exact "Stick 'Em Up" game set for her workplace to hold a family day. Wow!
Mr. Choong manning his Water Gun Shooting Game Stall

Many of the games stalls closed much earlier for some reason and the many sponsored prizes they were holding were given to our stalls since we ran out of prizes due to overwhelming response.

Anne on the right & friend manning the Egg Pong Game Stall

The DSP chariman had to tell the people there, still gatering around with coupons in their hands ready to play that our game stalls had to close. Not sure whether those disappointed people could exchange their unspent coupons at other food or arts stalls if those were still open.

We were fortunate that many of the DSP members waited for us and helped dismantling the stall in good time. Everyone was full of praises for the great efforts put in by every member of DSP.

Lilly on the far right & friends manning the Craft Stall

It was a fulfilling first time experience for me doing charitable fun-fairs and certainly not the last, because helping out never felt this good!


  1. Gosh...this brings back fond memories of all the fund-raising events I used to help with at Becky's primary school. It's hard work but so worth it. They are not little for long, these children of ours so it's important to be involved.
    The parent group sounds great. Will prepare you for those up and coming ''teen years'' need all the support you can get, believe me...ha.
    I love the pics.

  2. You and your family shared your creativity and your love of fun with the school community - great work!

  3. Great pics. What a great time it looked. Glad to see that it inspired you to have another go sometime.

    Thanks for your support by the way

  4. Hello All,
    Thank you for stopping by.

    Ellen | It was fun doing it.

    Yes, Wifey and I have yet to travel that "parenthood for teenagers" path. Gulp!

    Being the only child we have, I want to get as much involved as possible without looking to desperate and suffocating him at the same time. Tough.

    MomPoet | That is true. The creative part of it was my favourite.

    I liked it so much that it kept me awake at night trying to figure out how to and what to use to construct it with.

    The scary part was whether it was too tough a game or no response. It worked out well, much, much more than we expected. Great day.

    Tanie | It was indeed a great day. Strangely, it had been raining everyday for the past two weeks.

    It didn't rain at all the whole day during the carnival. Then rained heavily again on Sunday. We were blessed for a good deed.

    Hey, glad to be any bit of help.

    Thank you all again for your messages.

  5. Excellent! You guys are so creative and giving of yourselves and your time.

    Nice work and excellent blog post!


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