Monday, January 26, 2009

Lunar New Year

Though it will be a tough year
For the superstitious souls out there
The Year of the Ox
Should indicate something bullish on the way...

Wishing All Chinese Friends
A Healthy & Prosperous
Lunar New Year!


  1. wow I was so busy I missed three of your posts. I'm so sorry.

    And Happy Chinese New Year to you!!!!!

  2. Happy Chinese New Year of the OX! I'm a rabbit and I checked for how this chinese new year for rabbits will be. It's supposed to be a great year for us rabbits! One of the best in a long time. I'm so ready for that!

    Thank you for your lovely kind and understanding comment on my most recent post on my blog.



    What Chinese animal are you Muhd?

  3. HI
    Did you go to Chinatown to celebrate, or stay in your neighborhood.
    Hope you and your wife and son are well, as well as your father!

  4. Have a Happy & Healthy Lunar New Year!

  5. Hello All,

    It was a fruitful holiday for me personally. I had 6 glorious days at home and was quite tough to start my "engine" back on for work.

    Jess | The holiday was most desirable after tough situation at work. A welcomed reprieve for me.

    Burfica | Like you, I now hardly have time to surf and visit my favourite blogs too since the school year started and helping out at Sonny's school with projects for upcoming events.

    Rhiannon | According to my Chinese friend who is very interested in this matter, the horse will do average in this year of the Ox. Yet there are so many other interpretations saying different ones, but giving a message that is quite close to one another.

    You guest it, my birth year is Horse.

    Mim | We had not visited Chinatown during its festive period for the longest time, but did it two weekends ago. The usual bustling of crowds and bazaars were present, but the stage performances was quite good though we didn't stay to watch because we were hunting for materials for Sonny's school fun-fair project.

    My Dad is coping well with his chemo. He is into his 3rd cycle now and has not succumb to the side effects of the treatment so far. Thank you for mentioning.

    STST | Hope you had a wonderful reunion dinner with your whole family and lots of food and merry making the day after catching-up with everyone.

    Thank you all again for stopping by.


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