Saturday, January 03, 2009

Nokia, Connecting Parents

Wifey and I just bought Dad a cell phone today.

"Since his phone broke, he doesn't want to go out alone." Mom confided in me over the phone at the office last week.

She told me that Dad was unwilling to venture out on his own without a cell phone to call back for help if needed. It made going to the market for daily necessities a problem for both of them.

It is understandable that Dad felt that way. I would feel uncomfortable to go out without my cell phone with me too... and I am in good health. Many of us feel this way too. It is a normal for be dependent on a convenience that can also be a life saver.

Dad was right. While undergoing chemotherapy, the least he should have with him is a cell phone especially when he goes about outside on his own.

"No complicated stuff..." Dad explained, "just for calls."

With a price of S$60 given by Dad, it was a tough hunt for a new set, but for a first-hand older model, we took up the challenge...

Seven-Eleven sells basic function Nokia and LG phones for under S$70 without a plan attached, but for a cheaper price than this, I would have to bring out the bargain-hunting expert with me.

Wifey was all fired-up to shop for one for Dad. She armed herself with good walking sneakers, we went to Sim Lim Square this afternoon.

To get an even cheaper price, there will be lots of leg-work and acute bargaining skills involved. She has a this wonderful gift.

So hopping from one shop to another on the group floor, to all the shops up till the fourth floor, we finally managed to find the Nokia 1208 at a good enough price.

Yes, it is an older model but with color screen and an especially large fonts, ideal for old folks like Dad at one shop for S$50.00... down from the initial S$68.00.

If it was me, I would have settled for S$65.00.

I love you Wifey!

Dad will be so happy when we surprise him with this phone as a simple gift from us for the New Year. A new lease of life outside the four walls again for Dad.


  1. You are a very good son with a very clever Wifey! Happy you found your Dad something he will feel comfortable with. I am one of those dinosaur-people who has never had a cell phone. My husband gave me his old one when he got a work phone, but when the company he works for saw that we actually CALLED each other on the work phone, they asked him to only use it for he took the old phone of his back so we can talk on it now. Gee, I deal with the scheduling for two doctors and am on the phone so much at home we usually have the ringer off and sometimes the answering machine volume off so I don't have to hear it, from all the times my husband worked midnight shifts and I am quite a night owl, too. The phone would ring at 8 a.m. and wake us up. Our phone is a land line with a 20 foot chord .. I know, I know, everyone makes fun of me, but it does well. I guess I don't like being accessible to everyone so much, but that is ME, and I very much understand why people feel more secure with them. So far I've never needed one in any emergency situation.
    Hope you are having a good year so far! ;oD
    SisSTAR Kyle

  2. I had to laugh at this: "the bargain-hunting expert".

    What would men do without their bargain-minded wives?

  3. Nobody does it better than you all... Love SC

  4. I'll be buying a new phone with a new service plan when I move (and keeping the old one for a while so I can get calls from folks who don't know I'm moving.) I'm like your dad - I just want the basics. I've never seen the need for text messaging or a camera in my phone - it's strictly for phone calls. I didn't realize I could get one with a bigger font. I wear bifocals and sometimes have trouble reading my caller IDs, so it's good to know that there's an option that will help. Mahalo for that!

    I'm a little late, but Hau'oli Makahiki Hou! I hope that 2009 is a good year for you and your family, full of love and friendships, good health and maybe even a bit of prosperity!

  5. So glad that you got the phone for him. And hope that you had a ver happy new year.

    Thank you so much for all your kind comments while I have been away.

    love, Jess

  6. I'm glad you found him a phone. My mom used to be the best bargain hunter. And that's a big reason I have a cell phone. I have a tendency to fall down once in a while, and I need to be able to call someone when I do.

    Or my car always breaks down when I'm all alone.'s been nice to have one.

  7. So glad it sounds like you got your dad a very "common sense" type cell phone. I agree they are needed when one is out on their own so they know they can get help. I must have this also as I go out on my own only and so I know at least I have the cell and make sure to charge my battery and such before leaving the place I live at now temporarily.

    I also would love for the font to be larger as I look at it without my glasses and it's just a big blur..maybe one day down the road I can afford to make a change..but I'm just so greatful to have a cell phone period at this point!

    I'm sure your dad really appreciates you being so totally there for him and bless you for getting him a cell phone. Now you will worry less when he goes out.

    How is your job going? I hope you stay put and nothing happens with that..I'm thinking about that and praying with angels blessings that your going to be "okay" with that.

    With Angel Blessings for a much better year than our last year for all of us!


  8. Believe it or not, I'm 45 years old and we didn't even have a home phone until I was 10 years old, much less a cell phone. I've had a cell phone now for about 8 years. It's amazing how quickly electronic conveniences become necessary to our daily lives.

    I'm glad you and Wifey found your dad a good, serviceable phone.

    Hope all is well with you and yours, Muhd.

    Love and hugs,


  9. That was a sweet gesture of you guyz getting him a cellphone to get all connected. i just got one from my bro, a pink one.. iiih.

    hope you have a wonderfull year ahead bro

  10. At our ages we feel more comfortable with a cell for emergencies also. Our troubles with them stem from where we live, as cell service is intermittant up here in the higher elevations and all the deeper valleys. Hard to get cells installed where the population AND through-traffic are both in VERY low numbers. Guess a place with a few hundred folks doesn't justify large investments.

    As we don't call anywhere but back to here when one of us is out, we settled for a Tracphone with prepaid minutes. 30 minutes seems to last us about 3 months or more.

    Fine looking young fella you got there all equipped for school:)

  11. Isn't technology great! You are a good son for taking such good care of your parents and looking out for their well being.

  12. A successful shopping expedition.
    My Mum has a similar model. She says, I don't want any of these fancy phones with cameras and funny noises!!!!I just want to make calls.


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