Friday, January 02, 2009

Back To School

The first day of school for year 2009 falls on Friday.

I just wonder... why?

Why not just let the first day of school be on Monday, 5th January 2009 instead?

It is such a fuss to have your child start schooling in the new year for just one day, after more than a month of school holiday. Sonny had 2 months of fun.

Many people I know have taken Friday off work to gain a super-long weekend as a bonus to usher in the new year. Instead, they have to take this day to send their child to school... especially those with young children starting a new class or a new school.

Then again, taking this day off work works well for the parents. They do not have to take another day off on Monday...

Well, I prefer the school starts on Monday anyhow!

I do not know why I am making such a big fuss out of this, when the student themselves, Sonny in particular is not.

This morning, a familiar alarm sounded and woke Wifey and I up. It was 6:00AM. It was Sonny's.

Along with it came the sounds of footsteps across the living room and the clacking of the sliding toilet door shut. Sonny was taking a bath and getting ready for his first day of school in 2009.

Sonny is now in Secondary 2A.

Wifey prepared breakfast for him... Milo and oats drinks with chocolate buns.

There, leaning against the living room wall, nearest to the door sat a brand new school bag. Packed heavy with new books and knowledge to unleash and behold.

Beside it was a pair on white Converse shoes, so new the rubber can still be smelt. It was indeed a large pair... even for me. Sonny has grown so much. He has surpassed my height and boy, what big feet!

The room door opened and out came Sonny all spiffy in his white school uniform smiling as he approached the table to eat his breakfast. It was about 6:30AM.

Out the door this grown young man stood and bid goodbye for the day. All brand new... uniform, bag and shoes; brand new year with brand new knowledge and goals to achieve.

Keeping cool, Sonny knew he had to be photographed by his old man before he left... a yearly routine since he started going to school.

Photos that he will inherit to show his own children, and grandchildren long after Wifey and I have gone. Something I do not own to show to him of my childhood years. Stories told, but would not be the same as looking at photographs.

Photographs fade, but not as fast as the mind, it seems.

The real reason I take lots of pictures no matter how insignificant one may think. Filling that void? Maybe.

Anyway, I am hoping and praying that he will once again excel consistently in his studies. Expand his mind to new things and approach life with zest and with inquisitive mind.

Healthy mind and body, and safe always while he traverses into the new year.


  1. He looks so good.... I hope he had a wonderful day. I always thought they go back for the one day to tell about what they have done and meet with their friends etc and get that out of the way so they can start Monday seriously and all the other things out of the way... Just wondering does he keep his white clothes white all day?
    Happy New Year

  2. Our school district has had a two-week vacation. The holidays are over now, so one would think the kids would go back to school tomorrow.

    WRONG! They go back TUESDAY. I just don't get it.

  3. Hello Both.
    Thanks for stopping by.

    Sandra | He had a good day and told lots about his day to Wifey when he got back from school. Many of his teachers congratulated him for his achievements that made him pooled to the elite class.

    On the downside, he misses his Secondary 1 friends because of the transfer in class, while they remain together in 2D.

    Yep. They pretty much waer the white uniform for the length of the time while they're in school. Only change to their gym T-shirts and shorts during PE or Physical Exercise lessons.

    Being white, they have to take care of themselves, but the parents are the busy ones changing their uniforms daily because of the hot and humid weather here.

    Donna | I was hoping for a Monday, but your district has it on Tuesday... interesting. My kind of curriculum.

  4. Well, our kids went back on Tuesday. The Monday of this week was a teacher training day. They have a new head teacher at Becky's school and he is sooooooo strict...especially about the uniforms.
    I think this new injection of discipline is long overdue. I wish him all the best.


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