Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Syawal Is Here!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

A greeting we give to one another especially during the month of Syawal.

Right before midnight yesterday, I received my first Hari Raya SMS wish from a friend. It then followed with more beeps from my iPhone as the text messages kept coming in from friends from the office.

On board the bus Service 168 to my parents' place in Woodlands, I was still busy receiving SMS greetings and kept showing them to Wifey. The 40-minute bus ride was somehow shorter as I kept thinking of nice thank-you notes and replying them. Thanks to Wifey who helped me a great deal.

I felt like a teenager, fingers busy fiddling the cell phone keypads... well in this case touchscreen, engrossed with text messaging instead of just talking over the the phone.

A few surprise SMSs were from very old army friends while some were from the old Kallang Avenue office. Miss them and the old times there too.

As always, there will also be funny and creative SMSs while some are solemn and warm specifically from my siblings. I even received greetings from a co-worker that I am not as close to as well. A first and a pleasant surprise for the thought, nonetheless.

Checking my mail after I got back from my parents' place, several online greeting card from awaited me.

These wishes just warms the heart and am thanking all wonderful people with this simple card.

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