Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jewels Of Changi

More of the wonderful and relaxing outing Wifey and I had over at Changi Point Coastal Walk with photos I took along the way.

Without ever leaving the wooden-stripped floor board walk, one can find jewels of Changi beach along its path, just waiting to be discovered.


  1. Your photos are getting better and better.

  2. How gorgeous. Love the photos!

  3. Um, there's something wrong with your hammie and I can't look at him anymore.

  4. I esp love the 5-petaled pink flowers, so beautiful! and the lovely soft sepia tones of the water body (ocean, lake? I've only seen the ocean once from the east coast of mid-Florida, cut my bare feet on shells, stepped on something like a jellyfish and felt a shock, screamed, and ran back to shore with salt encrusted all over me! strange experience ;o)
    Living in Michigan with the lower and upper peninsulas surrounded by the Great Lakes, if you can't see to the other side, it's just one darned big body of water, eh?
    I'll be commenting again soon,
    SisSTAR ^;^

  5. p.s. Hammie seems fine to me, I just fed him his strawberry and made him get some wheel exercise. Have you ever fed Vlad my bat? With the sound on it's hilarious to hear the sonar trying to eat the fly. Thanks for feeding Powder and giving him some exercise.

  6. Hello All,

    Thank you for stopping by. Happy Halloween!

    Donna | The beautiful subjects made my photos look better.

    Wandi | Love the outdoors, the subjects just there, waiting for me to admire and take a snap.

    Deejay | Buddy looks alright to me, even after I refresh the page several times. Maybe some slow connection somewhere.

    Hope you get to see Buddy again and help me feed him too.

    Sis*STAR | The body of water is actually the Straits of Johor, the sea that separated the island of Singapore from once our mainland Malaysia until Singapore had its independence in 1965.

    Yep, kind of yucky to accidentally step on slimy sea creatures. I don't like it either when I swim in the sea, which is quite often as the beach is a short bus ride from our home.

    Thanks for feeding Buddy again. I think he has taken a liking for you.

    Vladimer is cool using his sonar to locate his meal when I fed him... twice. I like to see him homing-in on his meal.

    Thank you again everyone. Happy Halloween!

  7. Your photos are wonderful. I love them...

  8. Well, I'm assuming this is the same ''Changi'' where I was born?

    I love those pics, especially the flowers and plants. The quality,is excellent as always.

    I wish I could take a walk around there...sigh.

    Such beauty more or less on the doorstep. We are very lucky where we live friend.

  9. You are all so beautiful... Nov 4th I'll be able to breath again after the president election...It's also Georges B-day.. As for the Halloween celebration we babysat our grandson who went as a skunk lil stinker but the fancy hotel we stayed at had a costume ball it was weird. I prefer a harvest celebration not the Halloween thing. Getting candy is sinful and fun...

  10. Oh My Goodness Imran those photo's are really excellent..You should do a book for your family I know it is spendy $$$$ yes it is but eventually you need to do one these are beautiful.. Love to all the family.

  11. oh, these pictures are beautiful!!
    I could look all night!


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