Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Beach Or Bust

That was what I told Wifey I wanted to do during our long weekend.

Since Deepavali holiday fell on Monday, we had the long weekend to ourselves... well, almost.

The long weekend had great potential to be a fun one, but prior engagements and obligations made it not possible to plan a camping at the beach.

We already were invited to our cousin's wedding and Niece's birthday on Sunday. The public holiday on Monday was to be a long drawn-out appointment with our financial adviser reassessing our portfolios that were last done a couple of years ago.

So it was becoming more important to do so now due to the changing times and financial circumstances the world is currently experiencing. If I had my way, Monday would have been a perfect bike day for us at the beach.

Friday's Gift...

Met Wifey after work for dinner outside. Sonny was out with his friends celebrating their freedom after the final year exams with dinner and movie.

Wifey thought of a brilliant gift for our Niece who was celebrating her 3rd birthday on Sunday. A custom "bling-bling" bracelet with her name spelled with studded crystals on a black leather strap bought at Isetan Department Store. Perfect!

Tailed Wifey around for more shopping at Tampines Mall. We got our Niece two more presents. Oshkosh dresses which we custom wrapped it when we got home and placed in a nice teddy bear paper gift bag. Perfect and happy!

Saturday's Stroll...

Sonny attended his friend's birthday party at Sengkang. He was out for the whole day. I convinced Wifey for an outing to the beach, just the two of us. Changi Beach Park to be exact.

Wifey wanted to get some exercise and I wanted the beach, so we went for a walk on the boardwalk. Perfect combination, perfect weather.

Eat our usual favourite dish, Tom Yam Seafood Noodle for lunch at Changi Hawker Centre. Gather some snacks and bottled drinks... then off to Changi Point Coastal Walk.

We started our stroll at Beach Walk where Changi Point Ferry Terminal is located. Serene surroundings and manicured landscape with flowering plants blooming to complementing the scenic sea view.

Except for a few anglers and small groups of people fishing, there were very few people around and along the entire course of the board walk that afternoon.

The busiest part of the board walk was along Sailing Point Walk. The natural and soothing sounds of the birds and waves crashing on the beach were broken by the laughters of children swimming and frolicking at the pool by the sea at the Changi Sailing Club.

Model yachts dominated the sea in front of the club, remote controlled by a group of hobbyists from the beach. Dwarfed by the real live-sized versions dotting near the shoreline at the background... owners on board, sun bathing on their yachts.

We came to the rocky part of the beach... from little pebbles popping out from the sand to huge chucks of rock that broke the coming waves at Cliff Walk. We went up the stairs and into the shades of the tall trees.

There, the sound of the waves was overpowered by the distinct sounds of the parakeets in the trees. I could not see them clearly to take photos unfortunately, but these birds were definitely loud. It reminded me of being in a pet shop.

The straight and shaded board walk was like a tunnel with a light at the far end.

Climbing down a few steps, the shade of the trees opened up to reveal the winding board walk that stretches out far into the water. The Kelong Walk has two lookout points surrounded by water underneath. The lookout points were right in front of the Changi Beach Club restaurant and chalets.

Two large Malay families made these their homes for the day.

With well-stocked food and drinks, safari beds and the radio playing in the background, the ladies obviously enjoying themselves chatting away and laughing while the guys were concentrating much on fishing and throwing crab nets into the water along the kelong.

Once passed the chalets, we were on Sunset Walk. The name befitting it, we were there just in time to witness the sun setting as it was already quite late into the afternoon.

It would have been a romantic setting for this couple if not for a group of youngsters already making themselves comfortable at the last lookout point. A large dark-red bolder protruded out from the seabed, crested with an embedded lone tree marked the end of the board walk.

We stood there for a bid and watched the amber skies being reflected on the shimmering golden sea. We left before the sun touched the horizon... doubled right back to where we started at the ferry terminal.

There were people coming back from their island tours and offshore fishing trips. Wifey was hooked and curious at a group of teenage fishing enthusiasts who caught two large fish that were about 2 feet long.

Apparently thrilled and still looking fresh even with their sun-burnt complexion after spending the day in the bum-boats out in the open sea... taking turns as each of them took pictures of each each other, posing proudly with their catch.

We bought our dinner-to-go at the hawker centre and went home to meet Sonny for dinner together. Apparently, he was still not home until about 10:00PM. The latest he had ever been out with friends so far.

He brought back and proudly showed his winnings at the party... three photo albums of different sizes and a bottle of cologne from the games they played there.

Sunday was slated to be a busy people-day with family while Monday was confined to indoors dealing with real issues to plan for the future.

So Saturday outing made up for all the things we could not otherwise do on a perfect long weekend. Beach or Burst? Brilliant!


  1. Am so glad you had this time together with wifey. It does look really romantic, standing on the boardwalk with ther setting sun in the background. Lovely.

  2. Thanks for shareing you beautiful places in the world.. Just great seeing you both Hi Azi!


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