Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Breathe Easy, Dad

I sent text messages to my anxious siblings yesterday, informing them of the good news about the blood test and the doctor's examination... but with caution. Dad is not exactly out of the woods yet.

Last night, I had a good sleep knowing that Dad is going to be alright, even though it was early to tell for sure.

Unlike Sunday night. After being told by the family doctor, I kept waking up from my sleep every two hours or so. Woken-up by weird and senseless dreams of bad things that happened to Dad.

Another day off work attending to Dad for his appointment with a Respiratory Specialist, Dr. Devanand in the morning.

Today, Mom stayed home alone while Wifey and I picked Dad up from their home to SGH. We took the MRT from Woodlands to Outram station which caused less than S$2.00 each. A cab ride yesterday cost S$36.00 including the 35% peak hour surcharge and ERP charges in the morning.

After registration, Dad's with queue number was 1147. The last number being called was 1120.

Dad had his weight and height checked. He is 1.6 metres or 5.2 foot and at 59.6 Kg or 131.4 pounds. A kilogram above his ideal weight with a BMI of about 23.

Wifey sped-up the waiting by checking with the doctor at the Consultation Room 6. Dr. Devanand was expecting the "forced-in" consultation made for Dad. He was served next.

The doctor was warm and polite. He explained slowly and comprehensively of what is to come and the route that would have to be taken depending on the results. He urged not to delay with taking another X-ray, but straight to CT scan instead.

"He's good... breathing fine and not in any pain," said the doctor, "but I worry for your father until I get the CT scans and if needed a biopsy."

No delays for Dad. Whatever that is needed to be done should be done as quickly for everybody's sake. Anticipation is always the worst feeling to have for me.

As advised by the appointment clerk, we made for an immediate appointment for a CT scan directly at the Radiology Centre, a floor above the clinic.

The normal request for an slot during office hour would be a month away at the earliest, but with the urgent request from the doctor, we got it the next day but in the evening. 7:00pm to be exact.

We took it.

We came back to the appointment clerk with the needed CT scan date and an appointment to see Dr. Devanand another time a week after, after he analyzed the results.

"I am going to take care of you, Uncle!" Dr. Devandand said to Dad while shaking his hand before leaving his room, "We are going to see each other until you get better. So don't worry, OK?"

Dad just smiled and nodded. "Thank you, thank you, doctor." He knows a little English but is hard of hearing in one ear. I guess the doctor's smile and warm treatment made him feel much at ease.

We had lunch at the hospital canteen. I was busy updating everyone with SMSs and getting beeping responses back from my siblings.

Sis and my brother-in-law came to fetch Dad back home after lunch. We parted ways after arranging transportation for Dad for tomorrow night.

"Dad, you will have to fast 4 hours prior to the procedure." I explained to Dad one more time. "That means by 3:00pm... NO FOOD. You can only drink plain water until after the scan. OK?"

"You will be here too right?" Dad asked me before he got into Sis' car.

"Of course Dad," I replied firmly and smiled at him, "I'll be waiting for you here, at the drop-off point when you arrive tomorrow."


  1. You are a very good son. Bless you.

  2. I'm so glad that things have been good up to now. Let us know what happens with the next procedure.
    Take care.


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