Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Admiralty Park Walk

Mangrove Park: Bridge across mouth of Sungei Cina

Sunday ended with a perfect note... from the birds.

After spending the whole of Saturday from morning till midnight visiting and feasting, Sunday was a reprieve to slow down and take a breather.

With no Raya visits from anyone to our home, the first part of the day was spent recuperating from the "hang-over" from gluttony. No regrets, the home-cooked food spread from all the homes were scrumptious!

Urban Park: South Entrance at Republic Polytechnic

I know I will regret it if I did not have a bite... I had second helpings instead. There goes that lean body I attained as a bonus from the month of fasting during Ramadan. My faintly visible six-packs will not be showing themselves for too long with the amount of food I stuffed myself. My bad.

Anyway, seemed like many families stayed home last weekend, most definitely in support of their children's education for final preparations before sitting for their final exams.

Wifey was just too exhausted to even think of leaving the house while Sonny gave in to all his cravings he missed of several months because of his exams... Spore got his eyes and mind focused onto the computer screen.

So I went out, leaving Wifey and Sonny alone and not worrying if I would miss anyone coming to our home, to go to my parents' place in Woodlands.

Almost middle of the month, and I had not given them their monthly spending money as I do in the early start of each month, but not without arming myself with my trusted Panasonic Lumiz FZ10 camera... to shoot nature at its best.

Urban Park: Amphitheater overlooking lotus pond

Not taking more Hari Raya pictures, but pictures of the newly opened Admiralty Park which just had its phase 2 completed. The announcement was first published in the papers while the Sunday Times did a 2 full-page cover of it boasting nature and wild life that one would find at the park.

It was like killing two birds with one stone. I got to visit my dear parents and take a first look at the park!

To make time for the nature walk, I did the house chores at my parents' in record time! I was amazed at myself too.

I cleaned the top portion of the kitchen cabinets that they were not able to reach as high... I would not want any of the to climb anyway.

Nature Park: Gravel path flanked by Nipah Palms

I scoured the kitchen sink to reveal the original stony-beige tone once again. Wiped clean the large 6 foot mirror frame the contractor had just put-up for them free in their living room and vacuumed the carpets as well as the whole house. Phew! Done.

Lastly, I bought them dinner at the nearby coffee shop before I finally got to sit down with them and had a chat, while treating myself to the variety of Raya cookies and cakes spread at the dining table. Yes, more food... my six-pack is definitely hiding under again.

When I left their home, I was still unsure which direction I should take. I only knew that it was somewhere near their place... Republic Polytechnic being the landmark.

Urban Park: South Entrance at Woodlands & Riverside junction

Fortunately, against my "normal self," I asked the provision shop lady for the direct to the park when I bought bottled drink for the walk. The camera hanging from my neck was a dead give-away that I was heading to the hotly talked-about place by the residents there.

Wow! And yes. It was that near from my parents' place.

Two traffic lights away and there was the entrance to the park. Smacked right in front of the polytechnic, no one could ever miss the South Entrance from the junction between Riverside Road and Woodlands Avenue 5.

Urban Park: Large Foodcourt overlooking lotus pond

I used this opportunity to recce the place, especially with the intention to bring parents to the park the next time I visit them with my family. The place needed to be wheelchair accessible for Mom and old-folks-friendly for Dad.

Thank the heavens, the park caters to all ages and abilities!

Urban Park: Manicured fields among lush trees

The Urban Park has all the amenities and convenience for everyone. A large food court and several toilets along the tarmac path, complete with hilly paths for joggers' challenge.

Park benches, exercise corners as well as children's playground scattered among many varieties of trees planted there and trimmed grass.

Nature Park: Sand path leading to open grassland

The Nature Park starts right after the food court overlooking the lotus pond. In front of the food court is an amphitheater has its sandy path cutting through the grassland and open field with clusters of Nipah palm trees bearing fruits at the moment.

I saw lots of birds flying over me most probably going back to roost, but was not able to identify them as the day was getting dark, coupled with my poor unaided eyes.

Mangrove Park: Entrance to mangrove swamp

The Mangrove Park was a little disappointing for me though. Upon entering the secondary forest, the sight of the wet ground ahead with mangrove roots delighted me.

I was expecting a boardwalk just like at Sungei Buluh and Pasir Ris Park, but it was only a short bridge across the mouth of Sungei Cina that leads to the Straits of Johor.

Mangrove Park: First sight of mangrove wetlands

Nonetheless, I could spot plenty of wetland inhabitants in that small place than the other areas in the park. Easily spotted were Giant Mud Skippers... and these were very big ones I had seen as compared to the ones at Pasir Ris Park.

The Rainforest Park was interesting too. Lots of native trees with beautifully-spread canopies and many too were signs to remind people of falling branches and not to feed the monkeys. The many signs along the path gave me the impression that there were lots of monkeys there.

I was really eager to see a few, but none that day. Maybe it was already late and like the birds, they had "turned-in" for the day.

I had to cut short the Rainforest walk halfway as the day was getting just too dark for comfort. The unlit paths became too dark under the shades of the tall trees.

I turned back and gave the other portion of the park that leads to the beach a miss. A another jewel to be discovered next time when I am at Woodlands.

I ended the walk with a high note of satisfaction eagerness to explore further next time and rewarded myself with a self portrait at the over-sized Republic Polytechnic signboard.

Urban Park: Oversize Republic Poly signboard

Nature Park: Tropical Winter in equatorial Singapore

Mangrove Park: Giant Mud Skipper basking at Sungei Cina

Rainforest Park: Sun setting against a darkening purple sky

Nature Park: Nipah Palm fruits used in local "snow cones"

Nature Park: Nature silhouette before dusk


  1. What beautiful parks and nature you have there! The photos you took are once again incredible..the plants, trees and flowers.

    I've written a comment in my last post to all of you for being so kind and thoughtful and caring.

    I'm not going to be around for a while. I hope you understand. I'll be okay so don't worry, okay?

    We can e-mail if you want to..or not..I don't put my e-mail on there though in order to be careful.

    Take good care and love your "Passionate Life"!..:o)

    Love and Blessings,


  2. You put everyone I know to shame, including myself, with the way you care for your parents. I guess it used to be that way the world over, but not in this country any more.

    You will reap what you sow. Sonny sees how you are treating your parents, so he will know how to treat you and his mother when you grow old.

  3. What a wonderful day Imran! Filled with celebration, family, caring for your parents and a new adventure. You fit 2 or 3 days' activity into one! I always love a good long walk after feasting. Sounds like a perfect day.

  4. I agree with all above - you are an amazing person! :)

  5. Hi
    Can you tell me how to get there by car?


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