Friday, March 21, 2008

A Good Friday

Technically, today is a good Friday for Wifey and I.

Yes, it is a Good Friday for the Christian faith and a public holiday here, but for Wifey and I, today was a very "good-buy" day.

Wifey's old Acer desktop PC had been acting-up for some time and until a few months back it refused to work anymore. She has been using Sonny's Laptop since in his room... "encroaching" his space.

An advert in The Straits Times by Courts MegaStore changed all that.

For only 10 Units, Acer Aspire M1100 PC with Windows Vista Home was selling for S$340.00 only! A catch though... for first-come-first-served customers only.

Though having a modest configuration of only 512MB RAM and 80GB Harddisk, the AMD Dual Core PC is good for computing and emails, enough for Wifey to use at home... always better than her old 4-year Pentium 4.

A simple upgrade with minimal cost to 2GB RAM will fire-up this PC hands down.

The pedestrian overhead bridge to IKEA & Courts Megastore

Wifey was filled with excitement when I told her about the PC ad over breakfast. Before the hour was over, we were out of our home to Courts MegaStore in Tampines Retail Park.

We had to rush down to the Customer Service Counter upon knowing that only customers with the 10 available coupons issued were allowed to purchase them. We were number 8. Phew!

What was amazing today, was the fact that it was our first time being successful in getting "Price-Leads" merchandise. We flew like early birds and got our worm. Yes!

Now Wifey is happy tapping away on her a brand new toy, while Sonny is happy he has his room all back to himself.

As for me, I can finally rest after hours toiling with the alien Windows Vista set-up, updates and peripheral installations. Those we the easy part. The tough part was to share the network amongst all the PCs and Mac we have at home.

Nonetheless, I take it as a labor of love, for my love.


  1. It's a wise husband who makes sure his wife has a decent computer! My husband learned this many years ago.

  2. Hello Donna,

    You both are such loving couples. My same wish to be with Wifey and happy together like you and my parents.

    This day and age, everyone needs to venture out and communicate with convenience.

    What better way than in cyberspace and still remain at home. A decent computer is always good when bored after hours working on a computer.

    Now everyone in our family has a PC to use, so no crowding of each other's "space" but hopefully this trend is not going to make the family lack communication with one another instead.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. looks exciting! wish I was getting a new one. mine is good, but I always love getting a new one. :)

  4. Easter blessings to you and yours good friend...

  5. Hi, wandered here from Donna's site. I frequently stayed for a week up to several months at a time in Singapore on business before retiring. Probably my favorite city on earth. So much in so little space, yet within easy(?) traveling distance from all of Asia:)

  6. You do love to shop. I'm glad you had a great day.

    Tomorrow or the next day our Wii arrives, yippee!


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