Tuesday, March 25, 2008

iGot My iPhone!

Yes, dreams do come true.

I finally got my iPhone 8GB this evening for S$740.00 from a parallel importer who also did the unlocking for it to work with any GSM Service Provider... M1 in my case.

Stalking Hardwarezone.com.sg website for several days now and after several emails and contacts via SMSes, finally "David" responded with a favorable reply that ready-stocks were available. Yes! Phew!

Though I would rather have the 16GB model which was out of stock, the 8GB is still as good and more than enough memory than I could have hoped for.

All my ever-expanding songs collections, my work and home emails, together with appointments and calendar events updates, favourite pictures that I wish take along with me... and more storage for my insatiable urge to capture everyday interests in photos are now all in one large-screen, slim design, yet hardy techno gadget!

My colleague also jumped to the opportunity to own one when I told him of the available source. He too had been looking around for it for some time now.

So off we went to meet-up with "David" and "James" at Bedok Reservoir after work for a cash-on-delivery deal. We both got our sets working once our SIM cards were inserted and powered-on to a blissful graphics... a technical wonder in the palm of our hands.

Yes. I am guilty like Barbara from Trying To Catch Up when she said I love to shop. Definitely for techno-gadgets like this... within our financial means, of course.

It is an American Art a person should own. It is practical and it is beautifully designed. It is the only phone I will need for a very long, long time.

Nope, I am not a spokesman for the brilliant Cupertino company, but just an elated Apple fan.

I got home. Synced it to my iMac via iTunes and iAm iMpressed at its simplicity to just work. A trademark of Apple; to simplify a complicated life we thrust ourselves into... yes, at a premium but worth the investments.

As another friend who already owns a 4GB iPhone since early this year says "I'm full of happy cells when I got my iPhone."

So, Sonny got my DOPOD C800 after Wifey turned-down the complicated features she could not care about and will hardly use. He is tapping his hand-me-down PDA to mark his scent as owner, while my iPhone easily gets internet over my wireless home network.

Finally... I have happy cells tingling inside of me too.


  1. A new PC and an iPhone? Do you have your comments on your blog all set up to send automatically to your email client? Do you get your email on your iPhone? You wouldn't want to miss this message :))

  2. hey congrats bro! so is it eveything u thought it would be and more?

    We still have to wait years before iPhone comes here to scandinavia... d'oh

  3. Hello Both,

    Thank you for coming by.

    Barbara | Yes. I checked the email follow-up box for updates.

    I got to download emails and surf as long as there is wireless connection which fortunately is available all over the island for free.

    I am so happy I jumped onto the bandwagon and get to enjoy it. I'm growing more happy cells the more I use it.

    Crashy | In fact, it is all true, the hype lived up to as claimed.

    I have never been so happy owning a gadget like this.

    The navigation is superb. I can surf the internet seamlessly and as fast. True internet in a palm.

    It's ahead of its time.

    I'm afraid to think that without Apple, are the other phones available today the best they can come up with?

    Have a great week ahead!


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