Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Now, Breathe Easy...

Changi General Hospital view from EastPoint Mall direction

"I'll meet you at home..." I called Wifey over the phone, "I'm on the bus heading home."

I took half-day off work to accompany Wifey for her appointment to see the Respiratory Specialist at Changi General Hospital. Her appointment was at 2:10PM at Clinic D on level 2.

Queue number 1412 was hers when she was called in to Consultation Room 2. Incidentally, the Associate Consultant was a young Malay doctor having the same name as mine with my second eldest brother's name as his father's... Dr. Imran Mohamed Noor.

After some questions and examination later, Wifey was sent for X-ray at B1 Room 9.

I helped her put on the "Kimono" attire for the X-ray. Reminiscent of the time I helped my Mom to get dressed for her CT-Scan for her back problems over a year ago.

Then, it was an awkward time for me... seeing "more" of my Mom than I did before or ever wanted. Then again, it was an even awkward moment for my Mom, but she said "you're my child... I'm thankful for you being here today... and hereafter."

That relinquished all my awkwardness. Instead it made me truly feel I made a difference in her life. It was quite a moment.

"Oh, please let it not be anything wrong with my lungs..." Wifey said to me, almost praying while we walked back to Dr. Imran's consultation room.

"Your lungs are clear..." Dr. Imran explained "so is the nasal passage." He gave an appointment for Wifey to do a Spirometry Test on Tuesday next week to confirm her lungs to be normal.

Wifey breathed a sigh of relief. I thanked God in my heart, even with my gut instinct telling me it could not be the case. It was not that serious. Then again... Thank You Almighty.

Dr. Imran gave Wifey 1 week of nasal spray and oral pills to be taken twice daily to relief her of her nightly symptoms before she comes again for the Spirometry Test on Tuesday next week.

If he suspects that Wifey has overactive sinuses, than her case will be handed-over to a Nose and Throat Specialist.

"My Sis had her sinus operated on," Wifey told me, sounding worried "she had her nose swollen for the whole two weeks."

"A small price to pay for good breathing." I replied. I guess it was easier to say when it was not happening to myself. "She hadn't had trouble with her breathing anymore, does she?" A rhetorical question to comfort her.

Wifey nodded and then gave me a smile as we walked out of the hospital.

"Let's have Tom Yam Noodle at Banquet!" I suggested for our late lunch. Her face lighted-up. Our spirits were back as spicy as Tom Yam.


  1. You are indeed a loving and caring husband (and son). Here's hoping wifie is fine.

  2. Thank goodness it's nothing serious friend. You certainly have your share of family health worries.
    You ever thought of nursing as a career? I can recommend it first-hand.
    Good wishes to wifey and hope the appointment goes well for her next week, well for both of you.
    In the U.S. right now with that guy of mine. Loving every minute.


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