Thursday, August 30, 2007

Moon Me Over

I got the scoop a day ago from Today's newspaper that there was a "red moon arising" over the evening sky today. Phenomenal! I love it.

The total eclipse of the moon was stated to start around 5:24pm but at an obscure angle of -8 Deg, so Singapore can only view the blood-red moon from 7:24pm to about 8:20pm... provided that the sky is clear.

Fat chance, but I left work at 5:45pm anyway to be home early enough to set the telescope and an opportunity to take some photos too, even though it has been raining every day and since morning today.

The newspaper recommended Changi Beach Park and East Coast Park as the best-viewing locations. One would still be able to see the total redness of the moon without the need for any viewing equipment.

With an hour's window to view, I took my chance and settled for the rooftop of the multi-storey carpark.

Fat chance indeed!

I did not set anything up because the sky did let up but stayed dull gray the whole day and night. Even the hardcores from Singapore Science Centre who organized a viewing night out could not get a glimpse of the "bloody moon."

I believe everyone on this island missed the stellar show, including my friends at work who were talking about it ever since they read the article.

They have another angle to the phenomenon. According to their Chinese legend, the moon appeared red because a deity's dog eat it! Yes, you read it right.

I laughed out loud spontaneously thinking it was a joke when a friend told me, until I saw his irritated expression as he asked me "what's so funny... there are other dogs than on earth..." with a serious tone. Okay....

Coming back to earth... I retreated to my fridge to eat a halal Polar Mooncake instead to soothe my disappointment, but it was not to be either. I missed that too when I learned that our son had devoured the seasonal and expensive, S$8.35 a piece "cupcake" all by himself.

Sigh... first the "heaven's dog," then the earthly boy. "Moon" was not a good word for me today.

On the bright side, the lunar eclipse will happen again in 6 months time and the heavily commercialized mooncake festival was not to start until the Chinese 7th Month or most popularly known as the Ghost Month is over... so we have another month to buy a few more mooncakes with different flavors inside.

Sister Celtic from Lopez Island Life had a better luck than me and get to take breathtaking photo I show here even though it was George's first time taking such photos. Bloody brilliant photos!


  1. Hello Barbara,

    It sure is. Only thing, I wish it was mine to claim, but it's Sister Celtic's awesome effort to capture it so brilliantly.


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