Friday, August 17, 2007

Apples & Oranges

It finally is Friday again. That soon has the week passed...

From a Customer's place, I left for home, but not before stopping by the NTUC supermarket at Tampines Mall.

Wifey asked to grab some apples and especially Mandarin oranges which we both love so much and can do without... the constipation.

And grab I did.

Armed with a trolley and with my favourite MP3 songs blasting through my earphones, I had an exceptional time shopping for groceries, surprisingly.

I picked 10 pieces of oranges which were sold "5 for S$1.85" and 5 pieces of "5 for $1.70" apples... among other foodstuff for breakfast and snacks for the weekend movies watching at home.

All this shopping was great and before the hour was up, I was done and already queuing at the check-out counter.

"You have 6 apples in here, Sir..." the cashier looked at me and said, "it's five for S$1.70."

I apologized and told her to take one out... smiling at her and thinking to myself how silly I was.... she must have thought that I was trying to sneak one out... the oldest trick in the book... nahhh!

The lady continued scanning the other groceries and...

"You have 11 oranges in here, Sir." She looked at me again and pointing to the plastic bag as she spread-out the oranges on the counter to let me count it for myself.

"I what!?" I said surprised... well, embarrassed more than anything else. "Sorry about that, my math is that bad." I said jokingly while trying to keep a smiley face.

She smiled back... thank god, and took the extra one out.

I guess by then she must have thought... and concluded that I was one of those cheapskate tricksters who was trying my luck to pull a fast one on her. In this case, two!

I did not dare to look at the other customers who were queuing behind me. I was totally embarrassed. I guess my face was flushed as red as apples I bought.

How careless can I be... duh! Strange things happen when you are having fun.

I paid and left the place as fast as I could... but because it is Friday, no big deal.


  1. Imran, your generous spirit is always at work, it seems. Enjoy your weekend and your apples and oranges, and your grocery store smiles!

  2. How embarassing. I hope they tasted good none the less.

  3. Thats hilarious, it seems the more honest a person is the worse one feels when something like that happens. I would of eaten it right there and said "what apple"? just kidding!


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