Friday, August 10, 2007

NDP 2007 Fireworks

Armed with a mat, LED camping lights, my trusted Panasonic Lumix Fz10 digital camera with a tripod... and a whole lot of enthusiasm, the 3 of us headed to Marina Bay for the National Day Parade 2007 fireworks spectacle.

Stopped by EastPoint Mall for our dose of Tom Yam Seafood Noodle at Banquet for lunch, we were ready for some shopping to while the time.

Wifey wanted to look for curtains for our Hari Raya this October 13th, so we headed for Furniture Mall at Royal Plaza Hotel and found the ideal custom-made curtains for the whole house. The only not ideal was the cost of S$1,700.00 which I paid anyway.

Since the mall was near to Marina Bay, we took the MRT to City Hall... and once we got off the train, we were overwhelmed by the sheer number of people there.

Mostly wearing red and white, Singapore's national colors, these late comers were all heading to the parade site just like us.

With all the road blocks everywhere, meandering through the sea of people was somewhat exhilarating than taxing. Like a large school of sea-bass moving in sync, often bottle-necked when we had to go down and up the escalators in the underground paths to cross the roads and onward to Marina Square.

Thousands more were already there; the best spots picked, leaving mostly standing room on top of Marina Square Shopping Centre's garden.

Wifey found a spot where she was able to lay our mat while I got another spot good enough to set-up my tripod for my photo-taking... standing room only.

We were finally settled-in at about 7:30pm while waiting for the fireworks that was to start during the finale at about 8:15pm.

When there were bursts of small fireworks during one of the performances, the smoke from the firework trailed towards our direction... which I immediately felt was not a good sign... not for photo-taking that is.

True enough, when the fireworks started, the first few bursts were brilliant and fantastic, but subsequent bursts were enveloped by the thick smoke from the previous one bursts from our angle. Dread!

Few glimpses of fireworks were great, but mostly we had a spot where the wind direction blocked us from seeing the dazzling fireworks behind a blanket of smoke. Double dread!

I think I enjoyed the picnic... eating packed dinner we bought from Kandahar Street while sitting on the mat on top of Marina Square garden, more than the fireworks itself.

Well, so much for a good spot. Knowing Singaporeans, one would have to go as early as 1:00pm to get and keep one's good spot for the 8:00pm fireworks... it is worth it?

At least there will be an encore telecast of the National Day Parade 2007 on TV this Sunday, which would at least give some satisfaction than live event itself.

Thousands came and then thousands were going home at the same time. Let me not start on the ordeal with the "fireworks revelers," we were like sea-bass then, we were like sardines in the MRT. Yikes!

So, either get tickets to watch the event life or stay home at get the best seats in the house with pop-corns and chips on a big screen TV. That works for me next year...


  1. It's like attending a bar-b-q and being seated in the wrong; where the wind is blowing in the wrong direction. Kind of dampens down the appetite.

  2. You captured some great shpts Imran. Glad you enjoyed yourselves there.

  3. Awesome photos!

    Sorry I've been quiet but I've just been having the best time with my new son.

    On my blog, under the links, find Writers Block. Once there click on gallery, then click the link under Micah.

    You'll find tons of photos of the little nugget!


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